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NEW FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: ASPET Graduate & Postdoctoral Award for Integrative Research in Pharmacology

Please note: This award will no longer be offered.

Objective: The major goal of the ASPET Graduate & Postdoctoral Award for Integrative Research in Pharmacology (ASPET-IRP Award) is to provide support for graduate and postdoctoral trainees who are involved in active research projects that involve in vivo pharmacology or are focused on organ systems as an integral part of their research efforts.

Eligibility Guidelines: The ASPET-IRP Award will consider applications from research proposals submitted by graduate or postdoctoral students with demonstrated interest in in vivo pharmacology. Graduate and postdoctoral candidates must be members of ASPET and must conduct research at a U.S. academic institution. Postdoctoral applicants who have completed three or more years of postdoctoral training are not eligible.

Research Areas of Interest: Awards will be made to support training in any research area of interest. Selection of awards will be based on the depth of the in vivo component with clear evidence of an integrated, whole organ systems approach that also includes a pharmacological component. Applications without all of these components will not be considered.

Duration: No more than six awards will be made, each of which will be for one year duration. It is anticipated that the first awards will begin January 2013 and end December 2013.

Terms: The awards provide funding payable to the institution. The stipends may be supplemented with institutional funds or other research grants. No indirect costs are provided.

     For Postdoctoral Awards:
     $30,000 stipend
     $2,000 supplies

     For Graduate Student Awards:
     $20,000 stipend
     $2,000 supplies

Application Guidelines: The application deadline is October 15, 2012. Applicants will be notified by November 15, 2012 and awards will begin January 2013. Awardees will be expected to attend the Experimental Biology Meeting in the year of their award and will be honored at the ASPET Opening Awards Ceremony.

Applications should contain the following materials:

1. A letter from mentor or department chair supporting the candidate’s application for the ASPET Graduate &Postdoctoral Award for Integrative Research in Pharmacology. The letter should: a) identify/acknowledge the mentor supervising the candidate’s research; and b) identify existing levels of support for ongoing research.

2. If applicable, copies verifying the applicant’s active (current for 2013) visa status, e.g., H1B1.

3. The applicant’s Curriculum Vitae.

4. A research proposal no longer than 4 pages. The applicant can attach supplemental data if they wish.

Application materials should be sent (as a PDF or Word file) to Jim Bernstein. Applications received after October 15, 2012 or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Questions? Contact Jim Bernstein at tel: 301-634-7062.

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