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About the Division...

The DDD will serve to help its members teach, present and discuss the critical role of pharmacology in all phases of the drug discovery, development and registration process. The process encompasses, but is not limited to; target discovery and validation, medicinal chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, molecular modeling and drug design, structure-pharmacological function relationships, functional genomics and proteomics, high throughput screening, identification and development of natural products, nutraceuticals, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, clinical testing and drug regulation/registration, clinical contracting and pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics. DDD sponsors symposia and/or colloquia on timely, related topics at annual meetings. Furthermore, the Division provides special venues at theses meetings for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with related research activities and interests to present and discuss their work in a relaxed, social setting with other students, fellows and DDD members.