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Committee on Women in Pharmacology


The mission of the Women in Pharmacology Committee is to further the success of women in pharmacology
and to promote awareness of pharmacology in women’s health.


  • To identify and elucidate the stages of career development and provide women with tools to succeed
  • To increase the visibility of women in pharmacology
  • To disseminate information on issues related to pharmacology in women's health


Carol A. Paronis, Chair
Holly N. Brevig
Rebecca J. Burkhalter
Andria Del Tredici
Theresa M. Filtz
Ann T. Hanna-Mitchell
Susan L. Ingram
Jelveh Lameh
Melissa Runge-Morris
Alice M. Young, Advisory
Lynn Wecker, Council Liaison
Martha I. Davila-Garcia, Ex Officio
Christine K. Carrico, Staff Liaison


WIP Into Shape Networking Walk

Joint ASPET/APS Career Workshops

Links of Interest to Women in Science

Women in ASPET: A Centennial Perspective

WIP Into Shape Networking Walk

Washington, DC  2011

WIP Walk  2011

WIP Walk 2011- White House

 WIP Into Shape Networking Walk

Anaheim, CA  2010

2010 WIP Into Shape Walk


WIP Into Shape networking walk

New Orleans, LA - 2009




  /uploadedImages/About_ASPET/Governance_-_Committees/WiP_walk08.jpg     WIP_Walk07

San Diego, CA - 2008


Washington, DC - 2007

Joint ASPET/APS Career Workshop Programs

 2009 - Pathways to Leadership: Developing Critical Skills

Opportunity knocks...(Should I answer?)- Kimberly E. Vanover, Intra-Cellular Therapeutics, Inc.

Surviving hurricane Katrina and embracing new challenges  - Patricia Molina, LSU Health Science Center, New Orleans

 Pleasures and perils of joint appointments  - Alice M. Young, Texas Tech University Health Science Center

The long and winding road of career development  - Lois D. Lehman-McKeeman, Bristol-Myers Squibb


2008 - Gainfully Employed: From Launching a Job Search to navigating Negotiations

Launching the successful job search - C.C. Hegg

Delivering a dynamic job talk - S. C. McKarns

The art of interviewing: Winning the job - L. Wecker

Navigating negotiations - K.E. Barrett

          Interactive exercises and mock interviews

2007 - Being Heard: The Microinequities that Tilt the Playing Field

Overview: Women in academic science and engineering - Beyond bias and barriers - J.A. Steitz

Leveling the playing field: A focus on students - B.A. Horwitz

Institutional strategies to improve the status of women - J. D'Armiento

Succeeding in a male-dominated environment - F.P. Haseltine

          Breakout sessions   

2006 - Mastering the Juggling Act: Laboratory, Life and Leadership Roles

Juggling research-related duties: How to stop putting out fires and use your time wisely - I.J. Llewellyn-Smith

Juggling research with service and teaching duties: How much, what kind, and when? - L. Wecker

Juggling for the dual career couple: Strategies for maximum job satisfaction - M.J. Cipolla

Juggling job and family: Balancing home life and careers - S. F. Steinberg

      Breakout session to enhance and test best practices in each area  

2005 - Managing a Laboratory

Managing a lab: Its role in success or failure - L. Wecker

Mentoring versus supervising - S. P. Duckles

How to delegate and still stay on top of things - C.A. Paronis

Conflict management or managing difficult employees - V.M. Miller

Developing a budget - S.W. Watts

        Breakout sessions on:

    • Interviewing tips;
    • Performance reviews;
    • Creating a healthy, competitive environment;
    • Dealing with conflicts/romance in the lab: Can a supervisor be a friend?;
    • Stimulating students;
    • Small group workshops on creating a budget.

2004 - Life After the PhD: Finding a Postdoctoral Fellowship

To be or not to be a postdoc: That is the question! - K H. Berecek

Searching for a postdoctoral position: How to find what is right for you - A.J. Grippo

Types of postdoctoral positions - L. K. Nisenbaum

Interview and follow-up - D. Korzick 

Links of Interest to Women in Science


American Women in Science

Graduate Women in Science

Women in Technology International

Women's Committees of Other Societies

American Physiological Society

Society for Neuroscience


Women in Science Enquiry Network (WISENET)

Web Sites Featuring Women in Science

Distinguished Women of Past and Present in Biology
Distinguished Women of Past and Present in Chemistry
Missouri Women in the Health Science Professions

Issues of Interest to Women

University of Michigan study assessing the climate for women and minority doctoral students
RAISE Project - The RAISE Project is a campaign to increase the status of professional women through enhanced recognition of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics.


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