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Support for Integrative and Organ Systems Sciences

Integrative and Organ Systems Sciences (IOSS) is the study of responses in organs and organisms, including intact animals.  Increased support for research and training in IOSS is crucial to continued progress in the fight against disease.  Over the past two decades, research and training in IOSS has declined while there has been an emphasis in support of valuable research and training at the cellular and molecular levels.

Meet the 2013 ASPET Integrative Research in Pharmacology Award winners (ASPET-IRP Award) 

NEW FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: 2013 ASPET Graduate & Postdoctoral Award for Integrative Research in Pharmacology (Please note: This award will no longer be offered.) 

ASPET-IOSS Fund Guidelines for Application 

ASPET Response to NIH RFI: Roadmap Trans-NIH Strategic Initiatives 

NIGMS Awards Four Institutions to Support Training in IOSS 

The Essential Role of Integrative Biomedical Sciences in Protecting and Contributing to the Health and Well Being of Our Nation, P.C. Jobe, et al., The Pharmacologist, 40(1):32-27  

Talking Points in Support of Integrative Organ Systems Sciences 

Organizational Statement of Support for IOSS 

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