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ASPET thanks its members for helping to defeat the graduate tuition waiver tax

December 15, 2017

Thanks to your efforts and the efforts of ASPET’s advocates, the conference committee decided to omit the repeal of the income tax exclusion for graduate students’ tuition that was in the House of Representatives’ bill. As a result, if the tax bill passes, graduate students will not be required to pay taxes on waived tuition.

This issue was important to our membership and the response to the advocacy action alert we issued last week was overwhelming. Members of congress and their staff heard from ASPET, current and former graduate students, and the entire science policy community on why a tax on tuition waivers is a bad idea. The response was critical in shaping the legislation and removing the repeal of the tax.

Thank you for your efforts, and we hope you will continue to be engaged in science policy.

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