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Thank you for your business.  Please use the form below to submit your creative to our Advertising Coordinator.


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File Guidelines

  • File Size - no larger than 25k and at least 72 dpi
  • File Type - gif is recommended - if file is an animated file, please limit it to 3 rotating frames (most journal ad placements do not accept flash at this time)
  • Standard leaderboard ad sizes of 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high and skyscraper ad sizes of 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels high are acceptable.

Email Ads

Please follow instructions above but note:

  • Some browsers/email clients do not support animated GIFs - we recommend a static banner to ensure the entire advertising message is seen by the email recipient.

Inline/Premium Ads

Please follow instructions above but also include:

  • Send the company name exactly as it should be matched in the articles and the URL to which the name should be linked.


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Accepted file types: gif (recommended), jpg, jpeg, png, bmp

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Last Updated: July 23, 2018

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