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Submit an Abstract

We encourage submission of abstracts to ASPET topic categories in all areas of pharmacology detailing your latest work. ASPET regular members can both submit their own work or sponsor the work of graduate students, undergraduates, and non-members.

Travel award and poster competition eligibility is based on student and postdoc submission to ASPET topic categories.

Abstract Deadline

Thursday, December 7, 2017, 11:59 PM PST *
* Please note: The abstract deadline will not be extended. Abstracts   not received by December 7, 2017 will not be included in the regular program. After December 7th you will need to apply for a Late-Breaking Abstract with the higher submission processing fee.

Submit your research to an ASPET topic category!
All accepted ASPET abstracts will receive a poster presentation slot for either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. 

How to be considered for ASPET Oral Presentations

Abstracts submitted by students and postdocs may also be considered for an oral presentation in related symposia or division platform sessions. Topic areas with opportunities for oral presentation are marked below by * and in bold.  If selected for oral presentation, you will also be scheduled to present a poster. If your abstract is not accepted for an oral presentation, you will still be scheduled for a poster.

How to be considered for an ASPET Travel Award

Eligible students and postdocs must submit their work through EB to any ASPET category below AND complete the related ASPET application forms.

How to be considered for an ASPET Poster Award

Eligible students and postdocs must submit their work through EB to any ASPET category below AND complete the related ASPET application forms.

Topic Categories

Cancer Pharmacology 

3000-ASPET     Drug Targets in Cancer *
3001-ASPET     Anticancer Drug Response *
3002-ASPET     Cancer Cell Signaling *
3003-ASPET     Cancer Immunotherapy *

Cardiovascular Pharmacology (CVP)

3004-ASPET       General Cardiovascular Pharmacology
3005-ASPET       Vascular Pharmacology
3006-ASPET       Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
3007-ASPET       Endothelial Cells
3008-ASPET       Ion Channels
3009-ASPET       Cardiac Pharmacology
3010-ASPET       Renal Pharmacology
3011-ASPET       Hemostasis and Thrombosis
3012-ASPET       Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
3013-ASPET       Gaseous Signaling Molecules NO, H2S, and CO *
3014-ASPET       Cardiovascular Consequences of Metabolic Targeting in Obesity *
3015-ASPET       RNA Binding Proteins in Cardiovascular Disease *
3016-ASPET       Cardiovascular Pharmacology Trainee Showcase * (Grad Student/Postdoc ASPET members only)

Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

3017-ASPET     Gene Expression/Regulation *
3018-ASPET     Genomics/Proteomics *
3019-ASPET     Signal Transduction - General *
3020-ASPET     Signal Transduction - Cell Surface Receptors *
3021-ASPET     Signal Transduction - G Proteins/GPCRs *
3022-ASPET     Signal Transduction - Ion Channels *
3023-ASPET     Signal Transduction - Kinases/Phosphatases *
3024-ASPET     Signal Transduction - Second Messenger Systems *
3025-ASPET     Signal Transduction - Nuclear Receptors *
3026-ASPET     Mechanisms of Cell Injury/Death *
3027-ASPET     Oxidative Stress *
3028-ASPET     Mitochondrial Pharmacology & Toxicology *

Central Nervous System Pharmacology

3029-ASPET       Behavioral Pharmacology *
3030-ASPET       Drugs of Abuse and Addiction *
3031-ASPET       Neuropharmacology *
3032-ASPET       Neuroprotection *
3033-ASPET       Pain Therapeutics *
3034-ASPET       Stress and Mood *
3035-ASPET       Neuropharmacology Postdoc Showcase *(ASPET members only)

Drug Discovery and Development

3036-ASPET     Drug Discovery and Development *
3037-ASPET     Epoxide Hydrolase *

Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMD)

3038-ASPET       DMD - General *
3039-ASPET       DMD - Pharmacokinetics/Modeling *
3040-ASPET       DMD - Metabolic Enzymes *
3041-ASPET       DMD - Transporters *
3042-ASPET       DMD - Transcription Regulation *

Pharmacogenomics and Translational Pharmacology

3043-ASPET     Translational Research
3044-ASPET     Clinical Pharmacology
3045-ASPET     Preclinical Pharmacology
3046-ASPET     Metabolic Pharmacology
3047-ASPET     Systems Pharmacology
3048-ASPET     Quantitative Systems / Precision Medicine
3049-ASPET     Regenerative Pharmacology
3050-ASPET     GI Pharmacology
3051-ASPET     Translational and Clinical Pharmacology Early Career Faculty Showcase * (ASPET members only)
3052-ASPET     Translational and Clinical Pharmacology Trainee Showcase * (Grad Student/Postdoc ASPET members only)

Pharmacology Education

3053-ASPET     Pharmacology Education


3054-ASPET     Biochemical/Mechanistic Toxicology
3055-ASPET     Organ Toxicology *
3056-ASPET     Neurotoxicology
3057-ASPET     In Vitro Toxicology
3058-ASPET     Inflammation and Tissue Injury

Pharmacology – Other

3059-ASPET       Pharmacology – All Other

* = Abstracts submitted by students and postdocs to these categories may also be eligible for an oral presentation in related symposia or division platform sessions.

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