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G protein-β-arrestin Interplay: Molecular and Therapeutic Implications

Sunday April 07, 2019

8:00 am - 10:00 am

Room W205 BC
Sponsored by the Division for Molecular Pharmacology (MP)
Co-sponsored by the Division for Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)
Co-sponsored by the Division for Translational and Clinical Pharmacology (TCP)

Chair :

Douglas Tilley
Temple Univ School of Medicine

Yang Xiang
University of California at Davis

GPCRs proximally engage G proteins and β-arrestins to relay various effects at the receptor, cellular and physiologic levels. Recent drug discovery efforts have focused on the preferential engagement of either G proteins or β-arrestins to exert specific signaling outcomes. However, several studies have begun to highlight the complex interplay between G proteins and β-arrestins that complicate our understanding of these signaling paradigms. Thus, this session will highlight the latest concepts with regard to the ligand bias and the molecular relationship between G proteins and β-arrestins, as well as their application to relevant cell types and desired therapeutic outcomes.

Structural Insights Into G protein and β-arrestin Interplay at the Receptor
Arun Shukla - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Upstream-Downstream-Parallel: A Fresh Perspective on Hierarchies of GPCR Transducers
Evi Kostenis - University of Bonn

β-arrestin-independent G Protein Signaling
J. Silvio Gutkind - Univ of California, San Diego

Ligand Bias and Therapeutic Efficacy
Laura Bohn - The Scripps Research Institute

Negative Allosteric Modulation of Arrestin Recruitment to the β2-Adrenergic Receptor
Michael Ippolito - Thomas Jefferson University

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