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Topic Categories

Refer to the abstract topic categories below to prepare and submit your abstract.

Cardiovascular Pharmacology (CVP)

Cardiovascular Pharmacology (CVP)

3000‐ASPET    Cardiac Pharmacology – Injury, Remodeling,

3001‐ASPET    Cardiac Pharmacology – Signaling

3002‐ASPET    Vascular Pharmacology – Endothelium

3003‐ASPET    Vascular Pharmacology – Smooth Muscle

3004‐ASPET    Vascular Pharmacology – Ion Channels

3005‐ASPET    Vascular Pharmacology – Signaling

3006‐ASPET    Vascular Pharmacology – Hemostasis &

3007‐ASPET    Cerebrovascular Pharmacology

3008‐ASPET    Coronary Vascular Pharmacology

3009‐ASPET    Cardiovascular Disease – Hypertension

3010‐ASPET    Cardiovascular Disease – Stroke

3011‐ASPET    Cardiovascular Pharmacology – All other

Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

3012‐ASPET    Biologics/Biosimilars

3013‐ASPET    Chemotherapy (non‐cancer)

3014‐ASPET    Gene Expression/Regulation

3015‐ASPET    Genomics/Proteomics

3016‐ASPET    Signal Transduction – General

3017‐ASPET    Signal Transduction – Cell Surface Receptors

3018‐ASPET    Signal Transduction – G Proteins/GPCRs

3019‐ASPET    Signal Transduction‐Ion Channels

3020‐ASPET    Signal Transduction – Kinases/Phosphatases

3021‐ASPET    Signal Transduction – Second Messenger                                      Systems

3022‐ASPET    Signal Transduction – Nuclear Receptors

3023‐ASPET    Mechanisms of Cell Injury/Death

3024‐ASPET    Oxidative Stress

3025‐ASPET    Mitochondrial Pharmacology & Toxicology

Central Nervous System Pharmacology

Central Nervous System Pharmacology

3026‐ASPET    Behavioral Pharmacology – General

3027‐ASPET    Drugs of Abuse

3028‐ASPET    Memory/Cognition/Learning

3029‐ASPET    Neuropharmacology – General

3030‐ASPET    Neuropsychiatric Disorders

3031‐ASPET    Neurotoxicology – General

3032‐ASPET    Neurotoxicology – Neuroprotective Agents

3033‐ASPET    Neurotransmission

3034‐ASPET    Neurotransmitter Receptors & Transporters

3035‐ASPET    Blood‐Brain Barrier

Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMD)

Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMD)

*3036‐ASPET    DMD — Reaction Mechanisms/Reactive                                       Metabolites

*3037‐ASPET    DMD — Interindividual Variability

*3038‐ASPET    DMD — Pharmacokinetics/Toxicokinetics

*3039‐ASPET    DMD — Phase I Enzymes

*3040‐ASPET    DMD — Phase II Enzymes

*3041‐ASPET    DMD — Transporters

*Abstracts submitted to this category may be eligible for presentation at the Drug Metabolism Platform Session, including in a poster session; and travel awards ($300 each; 3 grad students, 3 post docs). All poster competition submissions are eligible. The post-doc category for poster competition also includes industry scientists within 5 years of earning their highest degree. 

Systems Pharmacology and Toxicology

Systems Pharmacology and Toxicology

3042‐ASPET    Anti‐inflammatories

3043‐ASPET    Developmental Pharmacology/Toxicology

3044‐ASPET    Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

3045‐ASPET    Gastrointestinal Pharmacology/Toxicology

3046‐ASPET    General Pharmacology/Toxicology

3047‐ASPET    Genotoxicity/Mutagenesis

3048‐ASPET    Hormones and Hormone Receptors

3049‐ASPET    Immunopharmacology/Toxicology

3050‐ASPET    Integrative Organ Systems Pharmacology

3051‐ASPET    Mechanisms of Toxicity

3052‐ASPET    Ocular Pharmacology/Toxicology

3053‐ASPET    Pharmacology and Women’s Health

3054‐ASPET    Pulmonary Pharmacology/Toxicology

3055‐ASPET    Regenerative Pharmacology/Stem Cells

3056‐ASPET    Regenerative Pharmacology/Tissue Engineering

3057‐ASPET    Renal Pharmacology/Toxicology

3058‐ASPET    Hepatic Pharmacology/Toxicology

3059‐ASPET    Skeletal Muscle Pharmacology/Toxicology

3060‐ASPET    Smooth Muscle Pharmacology/Toxicology

3061‐ASPET    Targets of Toxicant Sensitivity in Aging

Pharmacogenomics and Translational Pharmacology

Pharmacogenomics and Translational Pharmacology

3062‐ASPET    Clinical Pharmacology/Toxicology

3063‐ASPET    Computational Biology Applied to Pharmacology

3064‐ASPET    Pharmacogenomics/Proteomics/Metabolomics

3065‐ASPET    Pharmacology of Networks

3066‐ASPET    Translational PK/PD

Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)

Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)

3067‐ASPET    Chemical Biology and Experimental Therapeutics

3068‐ASPET    Drug Formulation and Delivery

3069‐ASPET    High Throughput Screening

3070‐ASPET    Natural Products

3071‐ASPET    New Methodology for Drug Discovery and

3072‐ASPET    Peptide Drug Development

3073‐ASPET    Polypharmacology

3074‐ASPET    Proteins as Drug Targets

Pharmacology Education

Pharmacology Education

3075‐ASPET    Knowledge Objectives in Pharmacology

3076‐ASPET    Small Group Learning

3077‐ASPET    Technology in Pharmacology Education

3078‐ASPET    Use of Social Media in Pharmacology Education

3079‐ASPET    Assessment in Pharmacology Education

Cancer Pharmacology

Cancer Pharmacology

3080‐ASPET    Cancer Therapeutics

3081‐ASPET    Cancer Prevention

3082‐ASPET    Cancer Biology

Pharmacology – Other

Pharmacology – Other

3083‐ASPET    Pharmacology – All Other

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