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Division for Cardiovascular Pharmacology Pictures from EB 2012

November 13, 2012

Division for Cardiovascular Pharmacology Pictures from EB 2012

Paul M. Vanhoutte Distinguished Lectureship in Vascular Pharmacology:
Richard A. Cohen, Boston Univ. Sch. of Med.
Nitric oxide in metabolic cardiovascular disease
Paul Vanhoutte Lectureship 1Paul Vanhoutte Lectureship 2
Paul Vanhoutte Lectureship 3Paul Vanhoutte Lectureship 4
Paul Vanhoutte Lectureship 5Paul Vanhoutte Lectureship 7
Paul Vanhoutte Lectureship 6

10 Year Anniversary Celebration of the CVP Trainee Showcase: Past Winners
CVP Trainee Showcase 10yr anniv Past Winners 1CVP Trainee Showcase 10yr anniv Past Winners 2
CVP Trainee Showcase 10yr anniv Past Winners 3CVP Trainee Showcase 10yr anniv Past Winners 4
CVP Trainee Showcase 10yr anniv Past Winners 5

2012 CVP Trainee Showcase and Award Presentation Winners
CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-2012 Grad PresentersCVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-2012 Postdoc Presenters
2012 Graduate Student Presenters     2012 Postdoc Presenters

CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Grad AND Postdoc WinnersCVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Grad, Postdoc AND past Winners
Grad and postdoc winners                  Grad, postdoc and past winners

CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Swapnil Sonkusare_2012_PostdocCVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Swapnil Sonkusare_2012_First Place Postdoc
              Postdoc: Swapnil Sonkusare, 1st place

CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Sunny Yang Xiang_2012_PostdocCVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Sunny Yang Xiang_2012_Second Place Postdoc
                 Postdoc: Sunny Yang Xiang, 2nd place

CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Nadja Grobe_2012_First Place Postdoc_Runner-up
Postdoc: Nadja Grobe, runner up

CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-John Murad_2012_First Place GradCVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-John Murad_2012_Grad
                                  Grad: John Murad, 1st place

CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Erin Kohler_2012_Second Place GradCVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Jacob Myerson_2012_Third Place Grad
Grad: Erin Kohler, 2nd place                Grad: Jacob Myerson, 3rd place

CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Alejandra Chavez_2012_GradCVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Alejandra Chavez_2012_Fourth Place Grad
                        Grad: Alejandra Chavez, 4th place

CVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Tracy Thennes_2012_First Place Grad_Runner-upCVPTraineeShowcase_AwardPresntatn-Anna Busija_2012_Second Place Grad_Runner-up
Grad: Tracy Thennes, runner up         Grad: Anna Busija, runner up

Cardiovascular Pharmacology Mixer
CVP Mixer EB2012 043CVP Mixer EB2012 044
CVP Mixer EB2012 045CVP Mixer EB2012 046
CVP Mixer EB2012 047CVP Mixer EB2012 048

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