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2014 DDD Division Young Investigators Award

October 16, 2015

2014 DDD Young Investigators Award

DDD 2014 Award Winners
1st place winner Jenaye Robinson, Texan Southern Univ., and 3rd place winner Sanjay Kharade, Vanderbilt Univ. with the division chairs.

Eight excellent posters were presented for consideration for the DDD Young Investigator Abstract Award. Members of the DDD executive committee who judged the competition found the scientific content, presentation, and interpretation by the investigators to be the best seen in several years. Since all of the posters presented were very good, it was difficult to determine the winners. First place went to Jenaye Robinson (Texas Southern Univ.), a relatively new graduate student and with a remarkable mastery of scientific knowledge at this stage in her career. As a result of her winning this award, she is now a member of the executive committee and has already made contributions to the selection of our programming for next year’s meeting.

Second place went to Adebowale Ogunjirin from Gallaudet University, a federally chartered private university for the education of the deaf and hard of hearing located in Washington, DC. The judges were impressed with the poster and data but were even more impressed as we talked with Ogunjirin and came to understand his excellent grasp of the material and the significance of his findings.

Sujay Kharade from Vanderbilt University won the third prize. Kharade is a repeat winner from last year and has been an active member of the executive committee this past year. He has great energy and enthusiasm for ASPET and generated two complete proposals for symposia for next year’s meeting. Honorable Mention went to Shu Zhou from the University of California-San Diego for her work on GPCRs as potential therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer. All of the presentations provided us a glimpse of the great science being conducted by these bright, young investigators.

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