Travel Health Safety

Any gathering of people in a public place incurs risk of communicable disease. Viruses, including but not limited to COVID-19, can cause severe illness and death. ASPET will monitor and work with local and other health authorities and make every effort to follow all applicable guidelines that are in place at the time of the meeting to ensure the health of our registrants. ASPET has the right to add health and safety requirements as we deem necessary. By registering, you will need to certify that you voluntarily assume all risks related to communicable disease exposure and will follow the protocols set forth by ASPET and local authorities.

Code of Conduct

ASPET's Code of Conduct that applies to all events including the Annual Meeting, can be found at Code of Conduct.

Scientific in Integrity Policy

ASPET's Scientific Integrity Policy as it relates to abstract submissions can be found at Abstract Policies.

Abstract Licensing Agreement

ASPET's Abstract Licensing Agreement as it relates to abstract submissions can be found at Abstract Policies.

Registration Policies

ASPET's policies for canceling your registration after you have paid or transferring your registration fees to another attendee, can be found at Registration Policies

Photography/Recording Policy

ASPET policies on photography and participant conduct are designed to help protect your research. The code of conduct prohibits unauthorized capturing and sharing of your work. The photography policy arms you with icons to help communicate to other participants whether they have your permission to capture and share your poster or slides.  

ASPET is committed to honoring the rights of copyright owners and to respectful sharing of scientific research and data.  All meeting participants are expected to adhere to this policy.  Presenters are strongly encouraged to display an icon to indicate to the audience whether photography/recording of the poster or oral presentation and the sharing/remixing of the material is permitted. Icons are below.

In the absence of a visible icon, photography, video and audio recording, and all other forms of recording of a presentation or poster are prohibited. This includes posting images from presentations or posters on social media without the express consent of the authors.

Presenters are expected to obtain permission from all co-authors before choosing the level of capturing and sharing allowed of the work described in the presentation. If all co-authors do not agree, the presentation must be marked as the Camera with an X. Displaying the CCBY icon will indicate that permissions have been obtained from all authors.

Attendee photography and recording of presentations should not be disruptive. Flash photography is not permitted. Devices should be handheld. Large cameras and other equipment such as tripods, monopods, etc. are prohibited in session rooms and the poster hall.

ASPET expects that all attendees will honor the request of the individual as a matter of scientific and professional courtesy. Violations of an author’s requests related to photography/recording will be adjudicated via ASPET’s Code of Conduct process.  ASPET staff cannot police or actively enforce noncompliance.

Camera with a red X:

    This icon indicates that photography, recording, sharing, remixing, and or any derivative of work material are prohibited.

This icon indicates that photography, recording, sharing, remixing, and or any derivative of work material are prohibited. All rights are reserved.

CCBY-NC-SA icon/camera with a green checkmark:

    Photography/recording of the material is permitted.

Photography/recording of the material is permitted. Sharing and remixing are permitted with appropriate attribution as stated in CCBY-NC-SA 4.0 International, subject to commercial patents and trademarks, when applicable.


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