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Announcements of interest to students

Experimental Biology 2009

Watch this spot for information about the EB'09 meeting in New Orleans, LA, April 18-22.

Learn About NIH Funding Opportunities Using the New “Pharm.D. Gateway to NIH

NIH recognizes that Pharm.D.s contribute to health at many levels through education, patient care, and research. Because of significant interest in translational/clinical research questions related to drug development and therapeutics, the field of pharmacy is in a unique position to conduct research toward achieving the goal of individualized prescription drug therapy. The Pharm.D Gateway to NIH is a new online resource that provides information about NIH funding opportunities for Pharm.D. students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.



Conversion to Regular Membership

Students who are paid up on their dues and qualify for Regular Membership no longer have to apply de novo and have 2 sponsor statements.  You may submit your CV and one (1) sponsor statement from someone other than the person who sponsored you for student membership.  If you do not remember who sponsored you for student membership, contact rphipps@aspet.org for assistance.


The first year of Student Membership is free.  Thereafter, students will pay dues equivalent to 25% of Regular Member dues.  For 2007, student dues will be $30.  You should have received your dues notice in October.  You can pay online if you owe dues.  Undergraduate student members pay no dues.

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