2023 Annual Meeting Program

Come to St. Louis to Be Inspired by New Insights from Leading Experts

The ASPET Annual Meeting will be the place to discover the highest quality, innovative science in pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. Taking place in the historic and charming St. Louis Union Station, on May 18-21, the 2023 ASPET Annual Meeting will welcome more than 800 pharmacology professionals from workplaces, fields, and career stages of all kinds.

Keynote Speakers

Holden Thorp, PhD - Editor In Chief - Science Magazine
Yasmin Hurd, PhD - Internationally renowned neuroscientist
William G. Kaelin, Jr., MD - Nobel Prize-winning Physician

Join us in St. Louis for an exciting and interactive program highlighting the highest quality, innovative science in pharmacology and experimental therapeutics.

Schedule at a Glance

Schedule at a Glance

Come to St. Louis to Discover High Quality, Innovative Science and Techniques

Explore the Breadth of Pharmacology

Session titles are tentative.

  • Adipose Tissue Transduces Dysbiosis to Heart Disease: Novel Therapies?
  • ADME of Biological Therapeutics for Drug Discovery and Development
  • Advances in ADME and Toxicity Biomarkers
  • ASPET “Guppy Tank” Translational Science Pitch Showcase
  • Axelrod Symposium
  • Cell-Cell Communication in Heart Failure and Therapy
  • Creating, Delivering, and Assessing Online Content
  • Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Pharmacology Curricula
  • Evolution of Psychedelics: Molecules Inspired by 5-HT2 Receptor Biology
  • Impact of the Microbiome and Pathobiome in Drug Metabolism and Disposition
  • Ion Channels go Vegetarian: Insights into Modulation by Plant Extracts
  • Journals Workshop: Let's Get Interactive with ASPET Editors
  • Molecular Mechanism of Cardiac Aging
  • Muscarinic Receptors in Stages of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders
  • The NIH Blueprint for Neurotherapeutics Network
  • Pharmacology in Color Symposium
  • Pharmacology of Polysubstance Abuse
  • Pharmacology-Based Tools Opening New Frontiers in Biological Research
  • Recent Advances in Orphan GPCR Structure, Signaling, and Pharmacology
  • Reconsidering Negative Data: Showcasing the Null Hypothesis
  • Revolutionary Tools to Unveil Undruggable Therapeutic Targets
  • Science Policy and You: How Pharmacologists Can Become Science Advocates
  • Space: The Final Frontier for cAMP Signaling
  • Targeting Epigenetic Processes for the Treatment of CNS Disorders
  • Targeting Reinforcement and Reward Related Processes in Drug Discovery and Evaluation
  • Teaching Blitz
  • Therapeutic Targeting Myeloid Cells in Cancer
  • Thinking Outside of the Box: Career Paths for Pharmacologists
  • Transporter Regulations and Their Role in Drug Disposition and Interaction


Drill Down into ASPET Divisional Topic Areas

Session titles are tentative.

  • Behavioral Pharmacology - Targeting Reinforcement and Reward-Related Processes in Drug Discovery and Evaluation
  • Cancer Pharmacology -- Young Investigators Symposium and Susan B. Horwitz Award Lecture
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology -- Trainee Showcase featuring the Benedict R. Lucchesi Young Scientist Awardee
  • Drug Discovery and Development -- Award Lecture and Notable Abstracts Platform Presentation
  • Drug Metabolism and Disposition - Okita Early Career and Gillette Award Lectures and Junior Investigator Platform Session
  • Molecular Pharmacology - Early Career Award and Postdoc Competition
  • Neuropharmacology - Award Lectures and Postdoctoral Fellow Showcase
  • Toxicology - Notable Abstract Presentations
  • Translational and Clinical Pharmacology - Young Investigator Awards Platform and Early Career Faculty Showcase


Learning Experiences for Educators
  • Creating, Delivering, and Assessing Online Content
  • Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Pharmacology Curricula
  • Teaching Blitz


Online Programming Available to Registrants

New! ASPET Award Lecture Series - exclusively for meeting registrants.

Held online from April 24 to May 10 in advance of the meeting in St. Louis (schedule to be announced in January.)   Recordings will be made available within a week for registrants in case they missed the live webinars. In St. Louis, registrants can meet the award lecturers and join the celebration of their accomplishments.

ASPET Divisions will host interactive Town Halls and scientific sessions online in March/April in advance of the meeting in St. Louis. Get to know division colleagues and receive a sneak peek at some of the latest science that will be presented in St. Louis.

For those who cannot travel to St. Louis, a virtual-only registration package will be available that also includes select recordings from sessions held in St. Louis. The full virtual program schedule will be provided prior to registration.

Networking and Engaging with the Pharmacology Community

ASPET provides unparalleled opportunities to engage with others in the pharmacology community.

Evening Poster Receptions

Enjoy a drink and snacks while exploring the latest science or presenting it yourself! (Final abstract submission deadline is February 23.)Poster presentations are held every evening. Posters are grouped by divisional topic area and every night includes student and postdoc finalists competing for poster awards. Hear their presentations and discuss the latest research advances.

Opening Event at the Aquarium

ASPET will be making a splash on Thursday night in St. Louis! The Aquarium will be reserved for our exclusive use.  Connect with old friends, meet new ones, and journey into the deep.

Shared Meals

The program is designed to allow plenty of opportunities to share a meal with other scientists focused on pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. We encourage you to sit with someone different at every meal. [Health & Safety]

Generous Breaks Between Sessions

We’ve built 30-minute breaks between sessions into the schedule. You don’t have to rush to find the next session room.  Take the time to linger to meet the speakers or chat with other attendees in the session or compare notes with a colleague who attended a different session.

Pre-Conference Activities

Since our opening session on Thursday, May 18th doesn’t start until 2:00 pm, it gives you the morning to join a smaller ASPET group for site-seeing tours or a community service project.  More info coming soon.

Give a Day of Service to St. Louis

Join us on Thursday, May 18 from 7:00 am – 1:00 pm to serve the St. Louis community. Since 2009 ASPET members attending the annual meeting have given a day of volunteer service in the local communities.  Volunteer activities have ranged from home construction, to painting, cleaning, stocking shelves, building maintenance, food preparation and service. ASPET’s Division for Behavioral Pharmacology will again sponsor a volunteer opportunity at ASPET 2023 in St. Louis.

We will spend the day at the Saint Louis Dream Center  helping them serve the citizens of St. Louis.  If you want to volunteer, please sign-up when you register for the meeting. Space is limited and further details will be provided to those who volunteer.

Career Resources

More information coming soon about career resources at the annual meeting including multiple interactive sessions to advance your career.

ASPET Job Board

Committee and Board Meetings

Many ASPET committees take advantage of the annual meeting to hold face-to-face committee meetings. A list of committee meetings will be posted once finalized.

ASPET 2023 Annual Meeting Program
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