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Get Involved with ASPET

ASPET is launching a Call for Volunteers to make it simpler for members to find ways to get involved. We welcome and value your time, talent, leadership and willingness to help advance ASPET's mission.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Contact Information
  3. The role(s) you are interested in
  4. A brief statement on why you’re interested in the role and your qualifications for the role (500 words or less)
  5. Your CV or NIH-style Biosketch   

Volunteers in Action


Volunteering in ASPET provides an opportunity to acquire new skills and improve existing ones, for instance, my leadership skills have been fostered and nurtured through my work in ASPET. I have also developed strong mentoring relationships and friendships that have been key to the forward motion of my career.

Namandjé N. Bumpus, PhD, President-Elect

Namandjé N. Bumpus, PhD

A Variety of Volunteer Openings

Click on each committee to discover more about their respective committee charge and mission.

Other Opportunities to Get Involved

ASPET Meetings and Awards

  • Nominate a colleague, peer, or yourself for a scientific achievement award 
  • Submit a session proposal for the annual meeting
  • Attend the ASPET Business Meeting at the ASPET Annual Meeting 
  • Participate at your division’s online Town Hall meeting
  • Volunteer to help judge your division’s poster competition at the ASPET Annual Meeting by contacting your division chairs
  • Submit an abstract to the ASPET Annual Meeting
  • Give back to the community through the Day of Service at the ASPET Annual Meeting
  • Work with your division to propose a webinar


  • Be sure to sign up for primary or secondary membership in divisions of interest
  • Send updates and ideas for consideration to your division’s Communications Officer(e.g., content suggestions for the web, news and achievements of fellow pharmacologists for Members in the News, LinkedIn discussion ideas)
  • Join your division’s LinkedIn group page if they have one so you can contribute to the conversation
  • Students and postdocs: apply to be part of your division’s best presentation competition(s) at the ASPET Annual Meeting



  • Contribute; use what you know to benefit the entire discipline by submitting papers
  • Volunteer; put your time and talent to good use by volunteering to review for any of our journals 
  • Encourage your library to subscribe to ASPET’s journalsor maintain the subscriptions they currently have




  • Help grow the Society by participating in the Member-Get-A-Member recruiting program 
  • Join one of ASPET’s regional chapters 
  • Donate to any of our funds; contributions to ASPET funds help support research, travel awards, science advocacy and career development
  • Respond to ASPET surveys to help us improve your experience
  • If you are a department chair, encourage recruitment and/or participate in a recruitment campaign. ASPET can supply the chair with membership applications attached to a packet of membership information
  • Pass out ASPET marketing materials (e.g., member benefits pamphlet, brochures for programs of interest) to individuals you think would be interested (contact ASPET for details on obtaining materials)

Science Policy


  • Propose a topic and submit a written article for consideration by The Pharmacologist; submissions can be sent to 
  • Contribute to PharmTalk, ASPET’s blog for young scientists; submissions for consideration can be sent to 
  • Volunteer to write articles or news updates for your division to appear in The Pharmacologist or on the website; contact your division’s communications officer

More Ideas

These are some of the most common ways to get involved, but there are many possibilities for member engagement. We encourage you to reach out to us through with your ideas. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  • Include detailed information in your request for getting involved, including specific aspects of the Society or area(s) of interest
  • Route your request appropriately; staff, division leadership, and committee leadership are generally the most appropriate points of contact. If you need more help contacting a specific individual, get in touch with us via 
  • Stay informed about opportunities by following us on Facebook and Twitter and reading our NewsBrief; make sure you are receiving our direct emails as well

Volunteering Faqs

Do I have to be an active ASPET member to volunteer?

Yes, opportunities to serve on a Committee, Division Executive Committee, or as a reviewer for the Annual Meeting are only available to active ASPET members.

How many opportunities can I apply for?

To allow as many members as possible the opportunity to volunteer, we limit each individual to volunteer for no more than 3 Committee or Division Executive Committee opportunities.

Can I sign up to volunteer for ASPET even if I’m not sure which opportunity I’m interested in right now?

Yes! At the end of the application, we ask if you are interested in hearing about other ways to volunteer at ASPET in the future. Just select “yes” and we’ll include you in future volunteer opportunities that might interest you.

How long do the volunteer opportunities last for? And when do they begin?

All Committee and Division Executive Committee appointments begin on July 1, 2023. Committee appointments last for 3 years. Appointments to Division Executive Committee roles vary for each division.

Volunteering opportunities for the Annual Meeting are for a much shorter duration. Reviewing abstracts typically occur in December and February with an average of 25-35 abstracts per reviewer. Serving as a judge for the Poster Competition occurs onsite during the Annual Meeting and occurs each evening for about 2 hours.

Can I apply for the same committee that I'm currently serving on if my term is up at the end of the fiscal year?

Yes, though preference for selecting volunteers will be given to those who have not yet served.

What’s the process after I submit my application to the Call for Volunteers?

Applicants’ information will be provided to the current Chair of the respective committee you applied to. In consultation with current committee members, new committee members will be chosen and recommended to the ASPET Council for consideration. After Council approval, notifications are sent out to applicants about which committee or volunteer opportunity they have been selected for.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the process or if I encounter issues with submitting my application?

Please contact Yesenia Mendez, ASPET Governance and Office Coordinator, at for assistance.

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