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  • About the Division

    The Division for Behavioral Pharmacology (BEH) serves members interested in research on the behavioral effects of drugs. These investigations focus on how drugs alter behavior and encompass perspectives that range from descriptive to mechanistic. Behavioral pharmacologists examine drugs with an emphasis on effects in the whole organism and with an appreciation of the considerable influence of environmental variables on drug action. Areas of interest include, (but are not limited to): effects of drugs on conditioned or unconditioned behavior, application of receptor theory to behavioral pharmacology, pharmacological aspects of drug abuse, use of animal models to aid in the discovery and development of new pharmacological agents to treat neurological or psychiatric disorders, drug interactions, the effects of repeated or chronic exposure to drugs, and the use of pharmacological tools in the analysis of behavior.

    Division News

  • 2017 ASPET Election Results

    The 2017 ASPET election closed on February 10, 2017 with a great turnout. Congratulations to the new Council members, division chairs, and division secretary-treasurers.

    Behavior, Biology and Chemistry Conference 2017 in San Antonio, TX (March 4–5, 2017)

    Division for Behavioral Pharmacology members may be interested in the 2017 BBC Conference taking place in San Antonio. This two-day conference focuses on translational aspects of addiction research among chemists, biologists, and behavioral scientists.

    2016 Behavioral Pharmacology Award Winners

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 best presentation competition (poster session) at EB2016.

    Behavioral Pharmacology Events at EB2016
    The ASPET Annual Meeting at EB2016 is only a few days away. There are a few Behavioral Pharmacology-specific events.
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  • Division Goals


    • To be the primary resource within ASPET for expertise in the investigation of drug effects on behavior.

    • To foster scholarship and discuss recent innovations in behavioral pharmacology, including research and publication.

    • To meet annually to share information and to discuss issues that are important to behavioral pharmacology.

    • To promote and enhance the scientific development of students and postdoctoral fellows in the Behavioral Pharmacology Division of ASPET.

    • To strengthen the role and to increase the collective voice of behavioral pharmacology in ASPET.

    • To foster linkages between the Behavioral Pharmacology Division and other divisions of ASPET and with other FASEB societies.