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Regular Members ($180.00)

Any qualified investigator who has conducted and published a meritorious original investigation in pharmacology shall be eligible for membership in the Society. An individual who holds an earned doctoral degree (Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent) is considered a qualified investigator. Exceptions may be made for someone who does not meet the degree requirement but who has made major original research contributions to pharmacology.  

Postdoctoral Members ($85.00)

Any qualified person who has received their Ph.D. or equivalent degree in pharmacology or a related field within the past five years is eligible for Postdoctoral membership. Postdoctoral members will receive the same benefits as Regular members, including the right to vote in ASPET elections. Individuals may remain in the Postdoctoral Membership category for a maximum of five (5) years from the date of receipt of their PhD (or equivalent) degree after which time they must upgrade to Regular Membership. Please note that the same membership criteria apply for Postdoctoral Members as for Regular Members, including having published a meritorious original investigation in pharmacology.   

Affiliate Members ($180.00)

Any qualified person who is engaged in the study of problems in pharmacology but does not meet the requirements for Regular Membership may be eligible for Affiliate Membership. Affiliate members may later be proposed for Regular Membership, upon meeting the requirements. Affiliate Members include representatives in the following careers: faculty members who have made their contribution in teaching; productive research team members who have not published a meritorious original publication; administrators in government, industry, universities, or other organizations who do not have sufficient independent research.  

Graduate Student and Post-baccalaureate Members ($40.00)

1. Graduate students: Persons who are enrolled in graduate or professional degree programs, and who have an interest in pharmacology. Upon completion of their research degree requirements, graduate students must upgrade to another membership category such as Postdoctoral, Regular, or Affiliate member.


2. Post-baccalaureate: Persons who are less than 3 years past receipt of their bachelor’s degree and engaged in post-baccalaureate training or professional development, and who have an interest in pharmacology. Post-baccalaureate members may retain this status for up to 3 years or until they enroll in a graduate or professional degree program. Post-baccalaureate members who no longer meet these eligibility requirements must notify ASPET staff they have enrolled in a degree program or move to another membership category.

Students enrolled in graduate or professional degree programs shall be voting members; Post-baccalaureate shall be non-voting. Applicants must be sponsored by one (1) Regular, Postdoctoral, Affiliate or Retired ASPET member, OR by their mentor or department chair.

Undergraduate Student Members ($10.00)

Persons who are enrolled in undergraduate degree programs and who have an interest in pharmacology, are eligible for Undergraduate Student membership, which shall be non-voting. Applicants for Undergraduate Student membership must be sponsored by one (1) Regular, Postdoctoral, Affiliate, or Retired member, or by their department chair or ASPET SURF Program Director. 

Emeritus Members (Complimentary)

A Regular or Affiliate member may qualify for Emeritus status in ASPET if they have been: a) a member of ASPET for 30 years; OR b) retired and have been a member of ASPET for 5 consecutive years immediately prior to retirement. Emeritus members are relieved from the annual assessment while retaining the privileges of membership. Please contact the Membership Department to request Emeritus status.

For Our International Members

To support qualified pharmacologists, scientists, and students living in resource-restricted areas of the world and to encourage international participation in ASPET and our programs, we offer reduced membership dues to residents of developing countries. These members receive all the same benefits as Regular, Affiliate or Student members including online access to all our journals. See the list of countries eligible for the reduced rate.

Last Updated: July 9, 2020

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