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The Publications Committee provides editorial and financial oversight to manage publication of ASPET journals and promote their success. The committee comprises six at-large-appointed members, including the chairperson, and the five editors of each of the Society’s official journals. Also on the Committee are a Young Scientist Committee representative, the Publications Director, and the Executive Officer as non-voting members. The Publication Committee Executive Committee, which is comprised of the chairperson and the at-large appointed members, makes the recommendations to Council for the appointment of new editors.


Kenneth Tew (2025), Chair
Laura Bohn (2024)
Lynette Daws (2024), Editor — Pharmacological Reviews
Xinxin Ding (2026), Editor — Drug Metabolism and Disposition
Beverley Greenwood-Van Meerveld (2024), Editor — Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Michael F. Jarvis (2023), Editor— Pharmacology Research & Perspectives
Adriano Marchese (2026)
Gary O. Rankin (2022)
John Tesmer (2025), Editor — Molecular Pharmacology
Susan Wood (2024)
Ai-Ming Yu (2025)

Mohamed Ghonim, Ex Officio Young Scientist Representative
Dave Jackson, Executive Officer
Maria Pasho, Staff Liaison

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