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The Bernard B. Brodie Award was established in 1977 by the ASPET Drug Metabolism Division to honor Dr. Brodie's fundamental contributions to the field of drug metabolism and disposition. The Award, consisting of an honorarium and a commemorative medal, is presented every other year to recognize outstanding original research contributions that follow in Dr. Brodie’s footsteps, particularly those having a major impact on future research in the field. The formal presentation of the Award and medal is made at the annual ASPET meeting. A lecture given by the awardee on this occasion and describing their research accomplishments and future direction is published in Drug Metabolism and Disposition. The highly prestigious Bernard B. Brodie Award is the only award honoring investigators who have made significant, life-time contributions to our knowledge of drug metabolism and disposition.

The Bernard B. Brodie Award in Drug Metabolism was initially privately funded. However, in 2001, ASPET Council decided to seek endowment funds for each of the society's awards and, given the history of the Brodie award, requested that the Drug Metabolism Division secure the necessary funds for this award's endowment. In the fall of 2001, an ad hoc Brodie Award Development Committee was formed consisting of Ron Hines, then Chair of the Drug Metabolism Division, and the three most recent award winners, Bettie Sue Masters, Ron Estabrook, and M.W. ("Drag") Anders. Funds were initially solicited from individual members of the Drug Metabolism Division and then subsequently, from the pharmaceutical industry. In 2005, Jim Halpert assumed leadership of the fund-raising efforts. The Drug Metabolism Division is pleased to announce that as of April 2006, the minimum goal of $60,000 was attained, ensuring that Bernard B. Brodie Award will continue to be awarded in perpetuity. The Drug Metabolism Division will continue fund raising efforts to allow future presentation of the award on an annual basis and perhaps increase the amount of the award.

The Development Committee would like to acknowledge those that have generously donated to the Bernard B. Brodie Award Endowment Fund:

Diamond (greater than $10,000)


Schering Plough Research Institute



Platinum ($1,001 to $10,000)


Ron Estabrook

Merck Research Laboratories

Anthony Lu

Gold ($101 to $1,000)


John Cashman
Art Cho
Allan H. Conney
Judd Coon
Jim Halpert and UTMB


Eric Johnson
Bert LaDu
George Mandel
David J. Waxman
Lance R. Pohl

Fredric Rieders
Grant Wilkinson
Steve and Rita Wrighton
Daniel M. Ziegler

Silver ($5 to $100)


Adedayo Adedoyin
Ahmed Amer
Wayne Backes
John Callaghan
Thomas K. H. Chang
Ermino Costa
Peter Dayton
Wesley Dill
Xinxin Ding
Daniel Ellis
Michael Franklin
Burhan Ghanayem
David Williams

Patrick Hanna
William Hayton
Margaret James
Ralph Kauffman
Thomas Kocarek
Dennis Koop
David Kupfer
Wayne Levin
Eddie Morgan
Karl Netter
Paul Ortiz de Montellano
Richard Okita
Betty Sue Masters

Yoichi Osawa
Sandy Pang
Jorge Perez-Cruet
J. Pritchard
Russell A. Prough
David Riddick
Emily Scott
Stanley Vickers
Mary Vore
Irwin Weiner
Richard Zangar
Ronald Hines



If you would like to donate to this fund, checks may be issued payable to ASPET with a note that the funds are intended for the B. B. Brodie Award and sent to:

Executive Officer
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
1801 Rockville Pike, Suite 210, Rockville, MD 20852-1633

ASPET is a 501 (C)(3) tax exempt organization and will send an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes. 

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