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Letter from the Division Chair

It is an exciting time to be a part of the TCP Division. The changing landscape of science has made TCP highly relevant for pharmacologists who strive to benefit health by integrating information across scientific and clinical disciplines. We embrace the diversity of our membership irrespective of disease focus, academic/industry/government affiliation or career track because different viewpoints and experience are what bring us new ideas!

For those interested in getting more involved, the Treasurer/Secretary position is currently open for nominations. If you would like to learn more about membership or serving on the Executive Committee, please contact myself at or Ben Green at

The TCP Division is delighted to host the Ray Fuller Symposium, which will serve as our flagship venue for recognizing bench-to-bedside-to-bench research at EB. The Ray Fuller Award committee will be soliciting nominations and selecting an awardee for the inaugural TCP Ray Fuller Symposium after EB 2016.

As part of our commitment to provide resources and opportunities for showcasing and mentoring junior faculty and trainees, we are developing three key initiatives:

  • Following the inaugural (and highly successful) Meet-the-Experts Luncheon at EB 2015, we will hold a similar event at EB2016 with a few twists that will enable our members to meet an even greater diversity of experts in translational and clinical pharmacology.

  • We are launching Career Development Site Visits with travel and lodging support for trainees seeking to get a glimpse of science in an environment outside of their current lab. Options for these 2-3 day site visits will be announced soon; trainees will then be invited to submit a letter of intent that will be followed by a more complete application. The selected candidates will be announced at the TCP business meeting at EB 2016.

  • We will also provide travel support for a Junior Faculty Showcase to enable our early-career investigators to highlight their work presented at EB 2016.

Pam Hornby, on behalf of the TCP Division Executive Committee

Last Updated: September 7, 2017

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