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Tips on Writing to Your Member of Congress

  • Thoughtful, succinct letters are among the best way to communicate your position to legislators.
  • Try to limit the letter to only one page and one agenda item.  Get to the point!
  • Never be critical, sarcastic, or argumentative.
  • Some offices require you to register on-line to correspond via email.  This form can often be found on their web site.  This helps Congressional offices track correspondence coming from people that matter the most to them - real constituents like yourself, and weed out correspondence from everyone else.
  • Don't send letters via regular mail.  Since the Anthrax attacks in 2001, stringent security measures were put in place and timely mail delivery to the Capitol is unlikely.  Use email or fax when writing to your legislators.
  • When writing your letter, remember to:
    • note that you are a constituent;
    • clearly state the reason you write in the opening short paragraph.
    • If relevant, note the bill number of the specific piece of legislation you are commenting about.
    • explain how the legislation/issue impacts you and your institution.
    • Thank the legislator and make certain you include all your contact information.
Last Updated: August 7, 2017

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