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Guidelines for ASPET Sponsorship of Chapter Meeting and Funding Request

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Guidelines for the Formation and Operation of Regional Chapters


Professional scientists and students working in the field of Pharmacology have often sought opportunities for scientific exchange other than those provided by national meetings. In some instances there have been informal, ad hoc get-togethers of pharmacologists living in geographical proximity, and in others the desire for additional scientific exchange has led to the creation of regional pharmacology societies. Within recent years new regional pharmacology groups have emerged, or are in the planning stage.

The existence of active regional associations is a positive force for the discipline of pharmacology; a force that ASPET believes can be enhanced, with mutual benefit, by encouraging a formal link (i.e., Chapter affiliation) between regional associations and ASPET. Chapter can benefit by having meeting announcements, program session titles, and news publicized in The Pharmacologist and on the ASPET Web site. Additionally, their impact on local scientific, educational and political issues can be augmented by being an arm of the national Society, and having recourse to some of its resources (e.g., in public affairs).

For ASPET the benefits of having chapters are principally the formal extension, at a local level, of its major aims: fostering scientific communication, encouraging student interest and participation, and broadening public awareness of pharmacology. Chapters could also be a vital resource in ASPET's public affairs efforts, providing both regional insight and human resources in national legislative issues that involve pharmacology and biomedical research.

Not the least of the mutual benefits derived from chapter affiliation is the opportunity for closer ties and communication between ASPET and its members. The simple step of formalizing the link between the regional and the national society will create a dimension of identity and concern on the part of each, and enhance the opportunity for ASPET members to have input in society affairs. Establishing an annual meeting of chapter representatives would also ensure that the constructive, organized views of ASPET's members continue to be heard.

With all the preceding considerations in mind, the following policy guidelines are recommended for adoption and implementation by ASPET Council. (Approved by Council, November, 1984)

Chartering a Chapter

A group interested in forming a regional chapter should forward to the Executive Officer of ASPET a petition for chapter affiliate status signed by a least 20 ASPET members residing in the area.

The petition should include:

  • A name reflecting the geographic area (e.g., Southeastern Chapter; New England Pharmacology Society) encompassed by the proposed Chapter.
  • The names of chapter officers (at least a president or chairperson, and a secretary and/or treasurer.
  • Bylaws adopted by the Chapter affiliate. Bylaws should include as a minimum:
  • Criteria for membership.
  • Mechanisms for nomination and election of chapter officers.
  • Provision for a least one annual scientific meeting of the chapter.


As indicated previously, all chapters must have an administrative organization that included a set of bylaws adopted by the chapter members, and at least two officers (president, secretary and/or treasurer). Officers should be chosen by a process of nomination and election by plurality or majority vote. The chapter president must be a member of ASPET.

Chapter Membership, Dues, and Financing

Membership in a regional chapter is open to all individuals with interest in the field of Pharmacology and is, therefore, not restricted solely to members of ASPET. However, individuals who are not members of ASPET do not automatically become ASPET members by joining a regional chapter.

Each regional chapter must be financially self-sustaining.  A regional chapter is entitled to assess dues, the amount to be determined by consensus according to the needs and plans of the regional group.  A regional chapter may solicit funds from outside sources as well to support its activities.  

ASPET’s insurance and tax status do not permit regional chapters to use ASPET’s  EIN number, nor to avail themselves of ASPET’s meeting liability coverage.

Chapter Affiliate Responsibilities

The following criteria are considered by ASPET as essential for a regional chapter affiliate to maintain active status:

  • Hold at least one annual meeting.
  • Maintain a membership roster which includes at least 20 ASPET members.
  • Promote the general objectives of the Society, including its goals for fostering scientific communication among research workers interested in pharmacology and education of the general public and future scientists about the field of pharmacology.
  • Each chapter should submit an Annual Report to the ASPET Officer in January. This report will be the principle source of information on chapter activities, membership, and finance, and, therefore, will be a valuable means of maintaining communication between the members and officers of ASPET. In addition, the annual report is essential for the ASPET Executive Officer to provide mutual assistance and to comply with IRS reporting requirements.
  • Chapters should report officer changes as soon as they occur, to insure that there is no communication breakdown between the regional chapter and the ASPET office.

ASPET Assistance to Chapter Affiliates

ASPET can facilitate chapter activities in the following ways:

  • Provide up to $5000 support for the annual meeting, pending approval by the ASPET Program Committee.
  • Publish meeting announcements, reports, and abstracts, as well as news of the chapter activities in The Pharmacologist.  Electronic versions should be forwarded to the Editor of The Pharmacologist by the production schedule deadline.
  • Create and maintain a web page for the chapter with information provided by the chapter.  Information should be sent electronically to the ASPET Executive Officer.  
  • Provide mailing lists organized by regional zip codes.
  • Serve as a central coordination point for assistance to chapters in responding to local political issue that impact pharmacology and/or biomedical research.

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