In This Section

The Division for Cancer Pharmacology (DCP) serves members with interests in all aspects of basic and translational cancer pharmacology research. Specific areas include, (but are not limited to) discovery and preclinical development of new anticancer agents, preclinical toxicology and adverse reactions to anticancer drugs, technical developments in novel cancer-related target and therapeutic identification, mechanisms of anticancer drug resistance, mechanistic studies of novel therapeutic regimens, pharmacogenetics of anticancer therapeutics, and biomarker studies in anticancer drug response.

Division Goals

  • To increase outreach efforts with the goal of increasing membership from both academia and industry and their participation in ASPET meetings
  • To develop networking strategies for the benefit of junior and senior investigators
  • To increasing participation of industry-associated members in development of symposia for EB
  • To develop programming ideas including workshops addressing current challenges in cancer pharmacology (e.g. reproducibility and relevance of animal models of cancer)


Division Hashtag

Posting on social media about the DCP division? Use #ASPETDCP.

Job Postings