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Hosted by the ASPET Mid-Atlantic Pharmacology Society

Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Biotechnology is a science-driven industry with increasingly positive impact on problems related to public health. The roundtable will be a stage for presenting and promoting biotechnology to the ASPET community, with the goal of raising awareness among academicians, students, and other public and private scientific interests of potential opportunities to get involved with the cutting-edge innovation of the exciting world of biotechnology. Panelists will present and discuss novel technology platforms and approaches to solving problems related to public health, followed by ample Q&A with the audience.


R. Kyle Palmer, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Opertech Bio, Inc., Vice-President Mid-Atlantic Pharmacology Society


Rui Jing Jiang, Co-Founder, and CEO, Avisi Technologies
VisiPlate: A Nanotech Defense Against Blindness from Glaucoma

Ross Corriden, PhD, Associate Director, Neuron23
Navigating the Transition between Academia, Pharma and Biotech

Mark Rampy, PhD, Founder & CEO, Tailored Therapeutics
Future Directions for Adoptive Cell Therapy in Cancer

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