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Fellows MedallionAbout ASPET Fellows (FASPET) Program

Selection as a Fellow of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (FASPET) is an honor bestowed to our most distinguished members. Fellows are recognized for their meritorious efforts to advance pharmacology, through their scientific achievements, mentorship, and service to the Society. For questions regarding the ASPET Fellows Program contact

2024 Call for Nominations will open July 2024

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The designation of Fellow shall remain valid for the duration of ASPET membership. Candidates should consider the advancement to Fellow status as a request to become more actively engaged in the Society.

ASPET is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the society. The Fellows Review Committee encourages nominations that reflect the diversity of the Society's membership.

Fellow Eligibility

The candidate must be a current ASPET member in good standing at the Regular and/or Emeritus level. Candidates are required to have been Regular and/or Emeritus ASPET members for at least five years (cumulative) leading up to the year of nomination. [Eligibility revised as of 1/1/2022]

Successful candidates will have made demonstrable contributions to the field of pharmacology as outlined below. The degree of contributions across these criteria may vary among individual candidates.

Candidates will be evaluated based on overall impact of their contributions.

  • A person who has had a significant and sustained impact on the field of pharmacology in research, drug discovery, teaching, policy, or other areas that impact the field.
  • Demonstrated commitment to ASPET (for example, through contributions to committees, editorial boards, scientific meetings, or other volunteer activities.)
  • Demonstrated commitment to mentorship, education, and diversity.

How to Nominate

A nomination form must be completed by the sponsor or self-nominator using the online ASPET Submission Portal. A sponsor must be a Regular or Emeritus member of ASPET in good standing.

Each nomination must be accompanied by:

  • The candidate’s full curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Two letters of support on letterhead to be uploaded in PDF format. In the case of a sponsored nomination, one of the letters must come from the sponsor, who is an ASPET member. The second letter may be from a non-ASPET member. In the case of a self-nomination, at least one support letter must come from an ASPET member. The support letters must clearly communicate the eligibility requirements and provide a justification for their election as a fellow. Only one of the two support letters can be affiliated with the nominee’s institution.
  • A list of 5-10 individuals whom the candidate has mentored, supervised, or taught (names, current positions, a description of the type of mentoring, and career outcomes) to be uploaded in PDF format. The review committee emphasizes that mentorship may take many forms, including direct reports, peers, other staff, students, postdocs, and others.
  • Nominations may optionally include additional support information on the candidate's demonstrated commitment to teaching, diversity or to ASPET (no more than 300 words for each area) if additional space is needed apart from the letters of support.

It is the responsibility of the sponsor or the self-nominee to ensure that all application materials are submitted to ASPET by the deadline. Nominations received after the deadline or nominations packets that are missing material at the time of deadline will not be considered.

Honorees selected to be Fellows of ASPET will be requested to provide shortly after notification of their selection, a short biography (500 words) that communicates the honoree’s contributions to pharmacology, ASPET, and mentorship/teaching plus a high resolution headshot. These will be used for ASPET promotion of the new class of Fellows.

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Fellow Review Process

The Fellows Review Committee will be responsible for assessing candidates. The Committee is charged with evaluating nominations and recommending a list of candidates worthy of ASPET Fellow status to Council. The recommendations will be presented to the ASPET Council for final approval. No more than 2% of total eligible members will be elected each year.

It is expected that the program and requirements for the Fellows program will be reviewed by the Fellows Review Committee and Council every two years. Any recommendations for revisions will be put forward to Council for approval.

Re-nomination: Any candidate not chosen for Fellow status will be encouraged to re-apply.

Fellows Review Committee Composition

The committee will consist of up to seven ASPET Fellows and one member each from Council, the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Task Force/Committee, and the Mentoring and Career Development Committee. Fellow membership on the Committee should reflect diversity of ASPET including academic, industry, government, or other affiliations. Term length on the committee is no longer than three years and with approximately one-third of the committee rotating off each year. The committee is responsible for both reviewing nominations (including self-nominations) that have been submitted via the online portal, as well as soliciting nominations where appropriate. The committee will then compile a list of finalists for recommendation to the ASPET Council for review and final approval.

How Fellows Are Honored

  • Fellows may use the designation of FASPET with their credentials.
  • Fellows will receive a certificate of recognition and a lapel pin.
  • Fellows are recognized by ASPET in various public forums including a profile on the ASPET website with a picture and description, announcement in the membership email newsletter, The Pharmacologist magazine , and social media.
  • Fellows are recognized and honored at the ASPET Annual Meeting.
  • Fellows may be asked to serve on the Fellows Review Committee.

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