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ASPET Datablitz

Experience the ASPET datablitz, a rapid-fire oral presentation of research packaged into 10 short videos available to registrants for viewing at any time of day from April 27 until May 31 on the EB virtual platform.

The authors of high scoring abstracts are limited to 3 slides in 3 minutes. These brief snippets of research by young scientists are an introduction to their full posters that are displayed in the poster section of the virtual meeting platform. You won’t want to miss this fast-paced overview of the most exciting science.

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ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 1

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Pavel Solopov – Old Dominion University
Single Intratracheal Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 S1 Spike Protein Induces Acute Lung Injury in K18-hACE2 Transgenic Mice.
(Poster ID: R4183)

Naincy R. Chandan – University of Michigan School of Medicine
Identification of PDZ‐RhoGEF (PRG) as a Novel Gαi Target
(Poster ID: R2138)

Tori F. Ehrhardt – Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University
Real-Time Virtual Naloxone Training for Fourth Year Medical Students
(Poster ID: R2522)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 2

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Nagendra Sastri Yarla – The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitory Efficacy of Natural Peptidic α-hydroxy Amides for Therapeutic Applications of COVID-19
(Poster ID: R3597)

Antonio J. Lopez Quinones – University of Washington
Organic Cation Transporter 3 Mediates Tissue Uptake and Accumulation of meta-iodobenzylguanidine (mIBG)
(Poster ID: R2218)

Cristina Salmerón – University of California, San Diego
Histamine Receptor 1 (HRH1):  A New Therapeutic Target for Pancreatic Cancer?
(Poster ID: R4217)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 3

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Elizabeth R. Jaeckel – University of Michigan
Chronic Morphine Exposure and μ-opioid Receptor Phosphorylation Deficiency Enhances Opioid Sensitivity of Thalamo-Striatal Synapses
(Poster ID: R3937)

Jennifer Tat – Vanderbilt University
Sex Differences in Psychostimulant Effects at the Dopamine Transporter
(Poster ID: R2568)

Pravita Balijepalli – Washington State University
Effects of Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor and Free Fatty Acid Receptor Agonists on CCN1/Cyr61 Expression in Prostate Cancer Cells
(Poster ID: R3373)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 4

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Trevor Scott Wendt – University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix
Ozanimod Preserves Endothelial Health by Attenuating Cerebrovascular MMP-9 Activity Following Acute Ischemic Injury
(Poster ID: R3686)

Shelby Ann McGriff – NIDA
Reinforcing Effects of Phenethylamine Analogs Found in Dietary Supplements
(Poster ID: R1681)

Chan Sungchan Kim – University of Alberta
Effect of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors on 6-Mercaptopurine Cytotoxicity: Interactions with Equilibrative Nucleobase Transporter 1
(Poster ID: R1892)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 5

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Omar N. Al Yacoub – University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Loss of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Peptide Receptor Protects against Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)-induced Deficits in Male and Female Rats
(Poster ID: R3888)

Anna Gutridge – Purdue University
Pharmacological Characterization of Synthetic Kratom Alkaloids for Improved Alcohol Use Disorder Therapeutics
(Poster ID: R2465)

Farzana Zerin – Mercer University
Mechanism of Direct Regulation of Cerebral Artery Contractility by Statins
(Poster ID: R4568)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 6

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Simone Brixius-Anderko – University of Michigan
Structural and Functional Insights into Aldosterone Biosynthesis
(Poster ID: R304)

Bianca Nguyen – Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University
Pharmacologic Management and Treatment of Osteoporosis: A Small Group Case-Based Learning Activity
(Poster ID: R2584)

Justin Y. Chen – Washington State University
Molecular Insight into the Outside-in Activation of Integrin αvβ3 by 24(S)-hydroxycholesterol
(Poster ID: R2684)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 7

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Khairunnisa Mentari Semesta – Duke University
A High-throughput CRISPR Interference Screen for Dissecting Functional Regulators of GPCR/cAMP Signaling
(Poster ID: R2476)

John Wilhelm – University of Central Florida, College of Medicine
Medical Student Perceptions of Virtual Pharmacology Educational Games
(Poster ID: R4029)

Christina R. Merritt – University of Texas Medical Branch
Identification of Plasma Biomarkers Involved in Regulation of Inflammatory Pain
(Poster ID: R3070)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 8

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Yang Yang – University of Tennessee Knoxville
Differential Effects of Combined Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Inhibitor t-TUCB and n-3 Epoxide in Diet-Induced Obesity
(Poster ID: R4632)

Noelia Marie Boldizsar – Duke University
Receptor Endocytosis as a Mechanism of Biased Agonism at CXCR3
(Poster ID: R2463)

Tanvi Banota – Rutgers University
Farnesoid X Receptor Regulates Immune Cell Activation and Recruitment to the Lung following Exposure of Mice to Nitrogen Mustard
(Poster ID: R3896)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 9

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Keith Mathew Olson – University of Michigan
A Virtual Docking Screen at 23 SARS-CoV-2 Proteins Identifies Drug Repurposing Candidates at New Sites and Targets 8.5.5
(Poster ID: R2606)

Dana B. Floyd – University of Arizona
Sex-Selective Impact of Transient ACE Inhibition on Angiotensin II-Induced Collagen Gene Expression
(Poster ID: R4372)

Andrew J. Robles – Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute, UT Health San Antonio
Deciphering the Mechanisms of Action of Altertoxin II in Ewing Sarcoma
(Poster ID: R2906)

ASPET Pharmacology Datablitz 10

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Abby M. Pondelick – Virginia Commonwealth University
Targeted Deletion of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor Type 1 (S1PR1) Reveals a Predominant Functional Localization of S1PR1 in Astrocytes in the Spinal Cord
(Poster ID: R4645)

Deepak S. Ahire – Washington State University
Inter-individual Variability and Differential Tissue Abundance of Mitochondrial Amidoxime Reducing Component 1 (mARC1) Enzyme in Human
(Poster ID: R3285)

Yuting Yuan – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomic Profiling of Efavirenz-, Nevirapine-, and Acetaminophen-Induced Toxicity in Primary Human Hepatocytes
(Poster ID: R3130)

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