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Pharmacology 2016, with Guest Societies: ASCPT, ASPET, and CNPHARS
December 13-15, 2016
Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, UK


ASPET and the BPS have a long-standing relationship through meeting sponsorship and partnering on Pharmacology Research and Perspectives. In recent years, ASPET and the BPS have increased their collaborations by serving as guest societies at each other's annual meetings. Joint ASPET/BPS meetings have been held in Cardiff, Wales (2000) and in Boston, MA (2013).  

As a guest society, ASPET will be present at Stand #11, and will be hosting a symposium at the Pharmacology 2016 meeting:

The Long Reach of the Bowel: Translating Microbiome Science into Therapeutics for Systemic Human Diseases

The overall objective is to present new findings regarding GPCR expression in a variety of cell types and tissues and the role of newly recognized non-traditional and orphan GPCRs in regulating organ function and as potential therapeutic targets.  

At the end of the program the audience will have translational insights and a balanced view of the promise and challenges of microbiome hypothesis generation and testing, especially with respect to its metabolic role. They will also learn about the latest pharmacological tools and potential therapeutic approaches for drug discovery using bacteria.

Read a welcome letter from the British Pharmacological Society.


  • Pamela J. Hornby, Janssen (USA)
  • Ross Corriden, University of California, San Diego (USA)


Mining the human microbiome for bioactive small molecules
Jan Claesen, The Institute of Food Research (UK)

Gastrointestinal hormonal responses on GPR119 activation in lean and diseased rodent models
Helen Cox, King’s College London (UK)

Bacterial signaling in the gut-brain axis
Niall Hyland, University College Cork (Ireland)

Renal and vascular sensory receptors that modify blood pressure control in response to changes in gut microbial metabolites
Jennifer Pluznick, Johns Hopkins Medical School (USA)

Engineered probiotics that reduce systemic ammonia levels in urea cycle disorder mice
Dean Falb, Synlogic (USA)

Pharmacology 2016 registration is open now. Please check the BPS website for more details.

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