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ASPET Council

The Society is governed by an elected council consisting of the President, the President-Elect and the immediate Past President (each serving for a one-year term in that elected office), the Secretary/Treasurer, the Secretary/Treasurer-Elect and the immediate Past Secretary/Treasurer (each serving for a one-year term in that elected office), and three Councilors (each serving a three-year term in that elected office, with one Councilor retiring each year).  In addition to the elected members of Council, the Executive Officer, the chair of the Board of Publications Trustees, the chair of the Program Committee, and the FASEB Board representative are non-voting ex officio members of Council during their terms in the respective offices.

The current members are:

Edward Morgan
Edward T. Morgan, PhD


Wayne Backes

Wayne L. Backes, PhD


John Schuetz
John D. Schuetz, PhD
Past President


Margaret E. Gnegy

Margaret E. Gnegy, PhD


Jin Zhang

Jin Zhang, PhD


John J.G. Tesmer

John J. Tesmer, PhD
Past Secretary/Treasurer 


Carol Beck

Carol L. Beck, PharmD, PhD


Alan V. Smrcka

Alan V. Smrcka, PhD


Kathryn Cunningham

Kathryn A. Cunningham, PhD


Mary Vore

Mary E. Vore, PhD
Ex Officio
Chair, Board of Publications Trustees 


Brian Cox

Brian M. Cox, PhD
Ex Officio
FASEB Board Representative 


Michael Wood

Michael W. Wood, PhD
Ex Officio
Chair, Program Committee


Judy Siuciak

Judith Siuciak, PhD
Ex Officio
Executive Officer

Last Updated: August 7, 2018

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