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Science Outreach Activity Posters

Abstract Submission Deadline: January 12, 2019

  • Do you run a science outreach program at your university?
  • Looking for ideas on how to better communicate your science to the public?
  • Are you seeking collaborators for your STEM-themed event?
  • Have you heard the word “outreach” and been unsure what it means?

Display a poster describing your program at the EB Welcome Reception on Saturday, April 6th. The Science Outreach Activity Poster Session will feature a diverse range of science communication and outreach programs from all five EB-host societies and the local Orlando community.

Sample posters from last year include “Science Stories on Instagram” and “Pills, Potions and Poisons: A High School Science Enrichment Program”

If you are running outreach or communication programs, this is the platform to share your public engagement activities and programs with the entire EB community.

If you are interested in creating or growing your outreach series, this gives you access to people who have launched similar programs.

If you are looking for help and resources, this will allow you to identify and network with potential collaborators.

An EB Science Outreach Activity Poster refers to one that features a STEM-themed public engagement activity or program. These are non-scientific abstracts specifically devoted to promoting outreach activities. Education and/or professional development-related abstracts are not considered Outreach. Outreach activity abstracts will not be published as part of the EB abstract volume of The FASEB Journal. Abstracts of unrelated subject matter, submitted as an EB Outreach Activity Poster, will be rejected and not programmed. Programming decisions are final.

Your outreach poster should describe:

  • The details of your outreach program, including your target audience, activities, and volunteers.
  • The feedback you’ve received from your efforts so far.
  • How your outreach program has grown over time and will continue to grow in the future.

No submission fee is required for science outreach activity abstracts. Select “Scientific Outreach” when creating a New Abstract.

Last Updated: March 1, 2019
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