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Hosted by the ASPET Division for Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMDD)

Monday, December 12, 2022, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm ET

The DMDD Quarterly Webinar Series is intended to stimulate idea exchange and communication among DMDD members and to promote career development of young scientists in the field of drug metabolism and disposition.

Join us for this session where our featured junior scientists will discuss recent advancements in pharmacokinetic interactions between natural products and drugs as well as the functional consequences of HO-1: CYP1 complex formation.  


John Clarke, PhD - Washington State University
Simple versus complex mechanisms for pharmacokinetic natural product-drug interactions

John P. Connick, PhD - Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Characterizations of the functional consequences of HO-1: CYP1 complex formation


Hyunyoung Jeong, PhD - Purdue University

Julia Lade, PhD- Amgen

With special thanks to our additional moderators and Q&A facilitators: Haojie Zhu, Julie Lade, Joanne Wang and Colten Eberhard.



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