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ASPET Annual Meeting at EB 2020 Cancellation FAQs

The ASPET Annual Meeting at EB 2020 was cancelled on March 6th, 2020. ASPET has many steps to take and much follow up work in response to this unprecedented cancellation of our largest event. We ask for your patience as ASPET leadership and staff work through the process to resolve any questions. Please check this website periodically for additional information.

To read the Experimental Biology FAQ’s, please visit EB's page

Q: What should I do about my flight and hotel reservations?

A: You are responsible for cancelling your transportation and hotel arrangements. However, if you booked your hotel room through the official EB housing company, OnPEAK, you do not have to cancel your hotel reservation; EB management will take care of it. OnPEAK will send you an email confirmation when this is completed. For all other arrangements, please make every effort to recoup any expenses which could be refundable. Some airlines and hotels are waiving change or cancellation fees, but you will need to follow up with them directly.

Q: If ASPET was supporting a portion of my travel as a travel awardee, speaker, committee member, editorial board member, or participant in the ASPET Mentoring Network, will I be reimbursed for non-refundable expenses that fall within the ASPET travel policies?

A: Cancelling an event of this magnitude is unprecedented and many follow-up steps are required. A timeline for any further action regarding travel is not yet known, but we will provide more information when it is available. We ask for your patience, as the Society’s contracts with our many vendors and host hotel require that we work in coordination with our legal counsel and insurance provider before any further information is available.

Q: If I received an ASPET travel award this year, can I defer it until EB 2021?

A: Travel awards may not be deferred, but you are welcome to apply for an award for the EB 2021 meeting.

Q: If I won an ASPET travel award, can I still put the award on my CV?

A: Yes, you may still list the award on your CV.

Q: Will ASPET symposium and poster presentations be made available virtually?

A: Currently there are no plans for virtual presentations. We will be in touch with session chairs and communicate with the membership if that changes.


Last Updated: March 16, 2020
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March 13

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April 3-4

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April 4

ASPET Business Meeting and Awards Presentation

April 4-7

ASPET Annual Meeting at EB 2020

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