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The changing landscape of pharmacology: An interview with ASPET President John Lazo

John Lazo Interview

Interview with Dr. John S. Lazo, Professor and Associate Dean for Basic Research, Department of Pharmacology and Chemistry, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Interviewer: Joanna K. Sandilos

In the following interview, John Lazo, Ph.D., the current president of ASPET, talks about how he first became interested in pharmacology. He provides insight on the changing landscape of academic research and industry. Dr. Lazo shares his thoughts on the advantages of being a member of ASPET and the greatest challenges facing pharmacology today. He also speaks about mentorship opportunities for younger members to interact with senior members of ASPET and how to influence public policy initiatives. Additionally, Dr. Lazo gives a preview of upcoming programs at the ASPET Annual Meeting at EB 2013 in Boston, April 20-24, 2013.

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