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Award Description

The Louis S. Goodman and Alfred Gilman Award in Receptor Pharmacology was established in 1980 to recognize and stimulate outstanding research in pharmacology of biological receptors. Such research might provide a better understanding of the mechanisms of biological processes and potentially provide the basis for the discovery of drugs useful in the treatment of diseases. 


The award is presented biennially, in even numbered years, at the award ceremony during the ASPET Annual Meeting. The award recipient receives the following:

  • An invitation to deliver the Goodman and Gilman Award Lecture at the ASPET Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology.
  • A $2,500 honorarium
  • An engraved plaque
  • Complimentary registration and travel expenses for the winner and spouse to attend the ASPET Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology

Nomination Criteria and Process

  • The candidate must be an ASPET member.
  • The nomination must be made by an ASPET member.
  • No candidate may be nominated for more than one major ASPET award in any given year.
  • The award is to be made on the basis of the research contributions described in published work or submitted manuscripts and a summary of those contributions described in the letter of the individual who nominates the candidate.
  • Selection will be made by the ASPET Awards Committee, appointed by the President of ASPET.

Nomination Submission

Nominations shall be submitted using the ASPET Awards Portal by logging into the box below. The nominations shall consist of:

  1. The candidate's curriculum vitae and bibliography in PDF.
  2. A brief biographical summary of the candidate and of his/her work (in up to 200 words.)
  3. Six articles published or ready for publication that have direct bearing on the award. Each document should be provided as a separate PDF.
  4. Letter of nomination in PDF with a summary that describes the importance of the candidate's work (in up to 1000 words.)

Access the Awards Portal to Submit Applications or Nominations and to Review Submissions

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Nomination Deadline

Nominations for the 2018 Goodman and Gilman Award are due by Friday, September 15, 2017.

Award Recipients

1980 Solomon H. Snyder
1982 Pedro Cuatrecasas
1984 Robert F. Furchgott
1986 Robert J. Lefkowitz
1988 Ronald M. Evans
1990 Alfred G. Gilman
1992 Paul Greengard
1994 Jean-Pierre Changeux
1996 Elliott M. Ross
1998 David Garbers
 2000 Melanie Cobb
2002 William B. Pratt
2004 Lee E. Limbird
2006 Anthony R. Means
2008 Craig C. Malbon
2010 Alan R. Saltiel
2012 V. Craig Jordan
2014 Kenneth A. Jacobson
2016 Bryan L. Roth


Last Updated: August 30, 2017

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