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Award Description

The ASPET Division for Toxicology Early Career Award has been established to recognize excellent original research by early career investigators in the area of Toxicology. The award is presented annually and consists of:

  • A $500 honorarium
  • A commemorative plaque
  • Complimentary registration plus partial travel expenses (to a maximum of $500) for the winner to attend the awards ceremony at the ASPET Annual Meeting.
  • The award winner is expected to submit a symposia proposal for the following year's ASPET Annual Meeting.


  • The candidate must be a member of ASPET, and can be self-nominated or nominated by another ASPET member.
  • Candidates are past the postdoctoral / trainee career stage but still early in their careers (no more than 15 years from receiving their doctorate).
  • Candidates are welcome from academia, industry, government, or other organizational affiliations.
  • No candidate may receive more than one ASPET award in any given year.
  • The current division chair and secretary/treasurer and the ASPET Council president and secretary/treasurer are ineligible for division awards during their active tenure.


The primary criterion for the award is the excellence and originality of research conducted by the candidate in the field of toxicology.


Selection will be made by the Executive Committee of the Division for Toxicology.

Nomination Submission

Nominations shall be submitted using the ASPET Award Portal by using the login box below and shall consist of:

  1. The candidate's curriculum vitae and publication list in PDF.
  2. A summary (limited to 1000 words) that describes the importance of the candidate's research contributions to the field of toxicology.
  3. A brief biographical summary of the candidate and the importance of their work for use in award winner announcements (in no more than 150 words.)

Access the Awards Portal to Submit Nominations or Applications and to Review Submissions

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Nomination Deadline

Call for Nominations will open July 2024

Past Recipients

    2015Jason R. Richardson
    2016Brian Cummings
    2017Elaine M. Leslie
    2018Xiaochao Ma
    Cheryl E. Rockwell
    Merrie Mosedale
    Julia Yue Cui
    2022Phoebe Stapleton
    2023Ian Copple
    2024Shuo Xiao


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