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Guidelines for the Establishment of an ASPET Award

ASPET Divisions or members proposing a new award must submit a written request to ASPET Council that includes the following information:

Name of the Award: The proposed award is subject to approval by Council.

Rationale for the Award: State the rationale for why the award should be established or the justification for honoring the individual after which a named award is proposed.

Awards Criteria: At a minimum, all major ASPET Awards consist of an honorarium, complimentary meeting registration, hotel accommodations for the full meeting duration, and travel to the meeting. Specify the amount of the honorarium and whether travel will include the recipient's spouse. Indicate the type of recognition (e.g., plaque, medal, citation, lecture, etc.) to be covered in the cost of the award. Initial costs of plaque design and die-casting are to be included in funding for the award.

Guidelines for the nomination process: Develop guidelines for the award that state the eligibility criteria and the selection process for nominees for the award; detail the schedule for the nomination and approval process (annual or biennial award); provide information to be submitted in support of the nomination; and any restrictions on nominations. (See current ASPET Scientific Achievement Awards descriptions for examples.)

Funding for the Award: While ASPET will not support the funding of new ASPET Awards, the Society will absorb the costs of the Awards Presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Funding for awards may be secured in one of two ways. The most preferred manner is for the donor to provide a sufficiently large endowment so that the award can be supported from the interest on that endowment. Another option is to secure a long-term commitment for annual cost-reimbursement of the expenses associated with the award. The proposal of a new ASPET Award must be accompanied by a viable plan for the sustained funding of the award.

Stipulations for New Awards by ASPET Divisions: ASPET Divisions may propose the establishment of awards that are administered by the Division including the presentation of the Division Award at a division session, event, or Town Hall. The guidelines for the establishment of ASPET Division Awards will be the same as for ASPET Awards.

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