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The Biological "Specifics" of the "Non-Specific" Placebo Response
Washington Convention Center, Room 140A
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Sponsored by the Divisions for Behavioral Pharmacology; Drug Discovery, Development & Regulatory Affairs; and Integrative Systems,Translational & Clinical Pharmacology
Chair: J.D. Roache, Univ. of Texas HSC at San Antonio

The placebo effect in pharmacopsychiatry: as real as it gets.
John D. Roache,
Univ. of Texas HSC, San Antonio

Neurobiological mechanisms of placebo responses.
   Jon-Kar Zubieta,

Neuroimaging individual differences in placebo response.
   Petra Schweinhardt,
McGill Univ. Alan Edward Ctr. For Res. on Pain, Canada

Preclinical models of environmentally-conditioned drug effects and drug seeking.
   Ronald See,
Med. Univ. of South Carolina, Translational Res. in Addiction Ctr.

 Discussant comments
   James H. Woods, Univ. of Michigan

Creating Effective Questions for Assessment and As Aids in Learning in Today's Pharmacology Programs
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Independence Ballroom H/I
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Sponsored by the Divisions for Pharmacology Education and Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Chair: J.L. Szarek, The Commonwealth Medical College

Question writing for any occasion:  Use of questions in assessment and learning
   John L. Szarek, The Commonwealth Medical College

So you think you write good questions?  Constructing flawless multiple choice questions for assessment and learning
   Jack Strandhoy, Wake Forest Univ

Dispelling negative notions about essay questions:  Use essay questions in any class size
   Amy Wilson-Delfosse, Case Western Reserve Univ

After the assessment, what do you do?  Evaluation of test results
   George Dunaway, Southern Illinois Univ

G-Protein Coupled Receptor Signaling in Stem Cell Biology
Washington Convention Center, Room 143A/B
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Sponsored by the Divisions for Molecular pharmacology; Cardiovascular Pharmacology; Drug Discovery, Development & Regulatory Affairs; and Pharmacology Education
Chairs: A. Pébay, Univ. of Melbourne, Australia and S. Hooks, Univ. of Georgia College of Pharmacy

GPCR expression and function in human stem cells
   Shelly Hooks, Univ of Georgia College of Pharmacy

S1P and LPA signaling in stem cell maintenance
   Alice Pébay, Univ of Melbourne

LPA signaling n neural stem cells
   Jerold Chun, Scripps Research Inst

Endothelin signaling in oligodendrocyte progenitors (OPCs)
   Vittoria Gallo, Children's National Medical Center

Micro-RNA Controlled Regulation of Drug Metabolism and Disposition
Washington Convention Center, Room 143C
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Sponsored by the Divisions for Drug Metabolism; Molecular Pharmacology; and Toxicology
Chairs: T. Yokoi, Kanazawa Univ., Japan and A. Yu, SUNY at Buffalo

Introduction to the regulation of drug metabolism and disposition by microRNAs
   Todd C. Skaar, Indiana Univ.

MicroRNA regulation of cytochrome P450 drug-metabolizing enzymes
   Tsuyoshi Yokoi, Kanazawa Univ

MicroRNA regulation of ABC drug transporters
   Kenneth K-W. To, The Chinese Univ of Hong Kong School of Pharmacy

Effects of microRNAs on UGT1A6 protein expression
   Michael H. Court, Tufts Univ

Systems Biology of Oxidative Stress and Therapeutic Implications
Washington Convention Center
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Sponsored by the Divisions for Integrative Systems, Translational & Clinical Pharmacology; Cardiovascular Pharmacology; Drug Discovery, Development & Regulatory Affairs; Pharmacology Education; and Toxicology
Chair:H. Akbarali, Virginia Commonwealth Univ, Medical College of Virginia

Role of oxidative stress in pathogenesis of endothelial dysfunction
 Zvonimir Katusic, Mayo Clinic

Nox isoforms, redox signalling and vascular biology
 Rhian M Touyz, Ottawa Hospital Res. Inst., Univ. Ottawa, Canada

Mitigating oxidative damage in aging
 Peter S. Rabinovitch, Univ. of Washington

Targeting antioxidants and bioactive molecules to mitochondria
 Michael P. Murphy, MRC Mitochondrial Biol. Unit, UK

Clinical trials of antioxidants in cardiovascular disease
 Christopher Rembold, Univ. of Virginia


 IUPHAR GI Pharmacology Section "Town Hall" Meeting
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Latrobe
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Open invitation to all pharmacologists who are interested in GI pharmacology to attend an informal recruiting meeting of the IUPHAR GI Pharmacology Section.


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