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Posters will be available for viewing by EB registrants at all times of day or night, regardless of your time zone, from April 13 until May 31.

Pharmacology posters at EB include:

  • A traditional-format poster but in PDF so you can zoom in for details
  • An audio clip narration of the research by the author
  • A Q&A discussion area to see all questions and the author’s answers to them
  • A method to send a private written message to interact with the author
  • A method to request a 1:1 video chat with the author

Look for these icons on the pharmacology posters:


Blue Ribbon

ASPET Program Committee Blue Ribbon Picks

The Program Committee deployed 133 ASPET members formed into 11 abstract review teams who scored every submitted abstract for scientific rigor and academic writing criteria. High-scoring abstracts from every division are designated by the Program Committee as their Blue Ribbon Picks. Look for the blue icon next to the poster title. You may also refer to this list of presenters.

Poster Icon

ASPET Student-Postdoc Poster Competition Competitors

The goal of the ASPET Student-Postdoc Poster Competition is to showcase and recognize the highest quality scientific work submitted by ASPET’s young scientist members. Poster awards are offered for outstanding poster presentations by undergraduates, graduate and post-baccalaureate students, and postdoctoral scientists. Look for the icon to see who is participating. You may also refer to this list of competitors. Join us on Friday, April 30 at 4:30 pm EDT for the ASPET Closing Networking Event to see who wins.


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