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Norman WeinerThe Norman Weiner Lecture was established in memory of Dr. Norman Weiner, past ASPET President and chair of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Colorado. It is in honor of his many contributions to both ASPET and to pharmacology research and education.

Dr. Weiner, President of ASPET from 1986–1987, served ASPET in many capacities, including chair of the Board of Publications Trustees, councilor, and secretary/treasurer. Despite suffering a debilitating stroke in 1987 while chairing a meeting for ASPET, he returned to his professorship at the University of Colorado and with the help of his devoted wife, Diana, faithfully attended every ASPET meeting until his death in 2009.

The Norman Weiner Lecture is selected by the ASPET Program Committee and is presented in odd-numbered years.

2023 Norman Weiner Lecture

Daniela Salvemini, PhD, FASPET
Saint Louis University Medical School
A Voyage Through the Galaxy of GPCRs Discovers Novel Stars for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

The 2023 Norman Weiner Lecture will be presented on Thursday, May 4 at 1:00 pm ET as part of ASPET's new online Award Lecture Series. Learn more.

Past Norman Weiner Lectures


Margarita L. Dubocovich
University at Buffalo
Cycle of Discovery: Neuropharmacology of Melatonin Receptors and Circadian Rhythms


Mary Vore
University of Kentucky
Cancer Chemotherapy, Oxidative Stress and ATP-Dependent Efflux Transporters


Jack Bergman, Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital
Drug Discrimination Procedures and in Vivo Pharmacological Analysis


William A. Catterall, University of Washington
Structural Basis for Function and Pharmacology of Voltage-Gated Sodium and Calcium Channels 


David E. Clapham, Boston Children’s Hospital, HHMI
Novel Ion Channels and their Regulation 


Robert J. Lefkowitz, Duke University, HHMI
Seven Transmembrane Receptors: Something Old, Something New 


Saloman Z. Langer, Euthymia, Ltd
Lecture held at University of Colorado

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