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Award Description

The Reynold Spector Award in Clinical Pharmacology was established in 2014 by ASPET in recognition of Dr. Spector's dedication and contributions to clinical pharmacology. The Award recognizes excellence in research and/or teaching in clinical pharmacology. This award is made possible by an endowment to ASPET from Dr. Reynold and Mrs. Michiko Spector.


The award is presented biennially in odd numbered years, at the award ceremony during the ASPET Annual Meeting. The award consists of:

  • An invitation to deliver the Reynold Spector Lecture at the ASPET Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology
  • An $8,000 honorarium
  • A commemorative plaque
  • Complimentary registration and travel expenses for the winner and spouse to attend the ASPET Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology

Nomination Criteria and Process

  • There are no restrictions on nominees for this award, however, the nomination must be made by a member of ASPET.
  • No candidate may be nominated for more than one major ASPET award in any given year.
  • The award shall be based on merit and the selection may honor excellence in research and/or teaching.
  • Selection will be made by the ASPET Awards Committee, appointed by the president of ASPET

Nomination Submission

Nominations shall be submitted using the ASPET Awards Portal by logging into the box below. The nominations shall consist of:

  1. Candidate's curriculum vitae and bibliography in PDF.
  2. Brief biographical summary of the candidate and of his/her work (in up to 200 words.)
  3. Letter of nomination in PDF with an up to 1000-word summary describing the nominee's recent research and/or teaching activities in clinical pharmacology.
  4. Up to six supporting documents in separate PDFs. These might include copies of research papers, materials developed for teaching purposes, etc.

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Nomination Deadline

Nominations for the 2019 Reynold Spector Award will be accepted starting in the summer of 2018.

Award Recipients

2015Scott A. Waldman
2017Margaret R. MacLean

Last Updated: August 23, 2017

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