• The Pharmacologist

    Check out the latest issue of The Pharmacologist. The March 2017 issue features a story on Typhus: War and Deception in 1940’s Poland.

  • 2017 Election Results

    Congratulations to newly elected Council members Dr. Edward T. Morgan, Dr. Margaret E. Gnegy, and Dr. Alan V. Smrcka.

  • 2017 Award Winners

    Congratulations to this year’s award winners, who are being recognized for their excellence in the pharmacology field.

  • Celebrating

    The ASPET SURF program will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Annual Meeting

    Join us in Chicago this spring for the ASPET Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology 2017.

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Latest ASPET News

ASPET SURF: Celebrating 25 years!

Read how the ASPET SURF program has changed lives, careers, and the pharmacology community.

Request for Nominations for the 2018 ASPET Election

Play a role in choosing your next ASPET leaders.

“Partnering for Success” Peer Mentoring Program at EB2017

The Young Scientist Committee is pleased to announce their first ever “Partnering for Success” peer mentoring program for the 2017 ASPET Annual Meeting. 

Division for Pharmacology Education to Induct Three New Fellows into the Academy of Pharmacology Educators

Three new Fellows will be inducted into the Academy during the Annual Meeting of the Division for Pharmacology Education at EB 2017.

March 2017 Issue of The Pharmacologist

Check out the March 2017 issue of The Pharmacologist.

ASPET Works with bioRxiv for Easy Transfer of Manuscripts to Society’s Journals

ASPET welcomes authors in bioRxiv to submit to the Society’s journals with this simple and quick process.

Past ASPET News and Announcements

Read through our archive of past news and access links to previous eNewsletters, member news, science policy updates, and more.

Science Policy News

NIH Issues Final Policy on Reporting Preprints in Grant Applications and Progress Reports

On March 24, NIH issued a Notice stating that the agency will allow investigators to report preprints and other interim research products in grant applications and RPPRs submitted on or after May 25, 2017.

ASPET Statement in Response to the President Trump’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Budget Blueprint

White House FY 2018 budget outline was released this week with devastating proposed cuts to the NIH and other agencies. Read ASPET's statement urging Congress to reject the Administration's budget proposal.

March 3, 2017: ASPET Government Affairs and Science Policy Update

Appropriations bills on the move; Renewed interest in closing out FY2017 spending bills; Labor HHS holds hearing on budget priorities.

February 17, 2017: ASPET Government Affairs and Science Policy Update

More Cabinet confirmations; FY17 drumbeat continues; Appropriators consider FY18 spending priorities; POTUS “skinny budget” expected in March.

ASPET Joins 260 Research Organizations in Letter to New Administration and Congressional Leadership Urging Completion of FY 2017 Spending Package

ASPET has joined 260 patient, medical, scientific, academic, and research organizations in signing a letter to President Trump and Congressional leadership.

February 3, 2017: ASPET Government Affairs and Science Policy Update

Congress still discussing process for completing 2017 spending bills; Senate Appropriations panel finalizes rosters; Trump Cabinet nominees considered by Committees with research funding discusse

Past ASPET Science Policy News

Read through our archive of past science policy updates and news. 

Journal Highlights

DMD Highlight: Comparisons of Stem Cell–Derived Hepatocytes, HepaRG Cells, and 3D Human Hepatocyte Spheroids

DMD Highlight: Alternative Splicing in the Cytochrome P450 Superfamily Expands Protein Diversity to Augment Gene Function and Redirect Human Drug Metabolism

MOL Highlight: AKT1, LKB1, and YAP1 Revealed as MYC Interactors with NanoLuc-Based Protein-Fragment Complementation Assay

MOL Highlight: Functional Evaluation of a De Novo GRIN2A Mutation Identified in a Patient with Profound Global Developmental Delay and Refractory Epilepsy

MOL Highlight: Modulation of Chemokine Receptor Function by Cholesterol: New Prospects for Pharmacological Intervention

JPET Highlight: Thermolytic Degradation of Synthetic Cannabinoids: Chemical Exposures and Pharmacological Consequences

JPET Highlight: Comparative Effects of LY3020371, a Potent and Selective Metabotropic Glutamate (mGlu) 2/3 Receptor Antagonist, and Ketamine

MOL Highlight: Ability of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors to Sequester Y551 and Prevent Phosphorylation Determines Potency

MOL Highlight: Cross-Talk between Alternatively Spliced UGT1A Isoforms and Colon Cancer Cell Metabolism

MOL Highlight: G-Protein–Coupled Receptor Kinase 2 as a Potential Modulator of the Hallmarks of Cancer

DMD Highlight: Multiple SLC and ABC Transporters Contribute to the Placental Transfer of Entecavir

DMD Highlight: Application of Static Modeling ­­in the Prediction of In Vivo Drug–Drug Interactions between Rivaroxaban and Antiarrhythmic Agents

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