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Award Description

The Neuropharmacology Early Career Award recognizes and honors a young independent investigator who is working in any area of neuropharmacology. The award is open to early career stage independent investigators from all types of organizations, including academia, industry, private or government institutes who are primary members of the ASPET Division for Neuropharmacology.

The award is presented annually during the ASPET Annual Meeting. The award consists of:

  • A commemorative plaque.
  • Complimentary registration and travel expenses (up to $1,000) for the winner to attend the ASPET Annual Meeting.
  • Membership on that year's Division for Neuropharmacology program committee.
  • Membership on the Division for Neuropharmacology Executive Committee for two years.
  • An invitation to give a talk at a division sponsored session at the ASPET Annual Meeting.


  • The award is open to early career stage investigators from all types of organizations, including academia, industry, private or government institutes.
  • Candidates are past the postdoctoral / trainee career stage but still early in their careers (no more than 15 years from receiving their doctorate). Preference is given to candidates who hold an independent position.
  • An independent position is considered to be one that is responsible for securing and administering their own budgets for research (traditionally a faculty position, or a team leader in a non-university setting).
  • The candidate must be a member of ASPET in good standing.
  • The selected awardee must designate the Division for Neuropharmacology as their primary ASPET division.
  • Candidates can be self-nominated or nominated by other ASPET members.
  • No candidate may receive more than one ASPET award in any given year.
  • The current division chair and secretary/treasurer and the ASPET Council president and secretary/treasurer are ineligible for division awards during their active tenure.


Selection will be made by the Executive Committee of the Division for Neuropharmacology.

Nomination Materials

Nominations shall be submitted using the ASPET Awards Portal by using the login box below and shall consist of:

  1. Applicant's curriculum vitae and bibliography in PDF.
  2. A brief biographical summary of the candidate and the importance of their work for use in award winner announcements (in no more than 150 words.)
  3. Two letters of support in separate PDFs indicating the applicant's promise for success in the field of Neuropharmacology.
  4. A letter from their departmental supervisor/chair indicating the "financial independence" of the investigator to be attached to the application in PDF.

If any of the following relationships exist between the nominator and the candidate, you are encouraged to disclose it in your letter of nomination:  family member, spouse, partner; current dean, departmental chair, or postdoctoral or graduate advisor; current business or financial relationship (e.g., business partner, employer, employee); research collaborator or co-author within the last three years; work at the same institution or having accepted a position at the same institution; previous graduate student or postdoctoral fellow in the last five years; or if either are currently serving on the award selection committee for this award.

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Nomination Deadline

Closed for 2023

Award Recipients

2015Daniel J. Lodge
2016Ryan M. Drenan
2017Carrie R. Ferrario
2018Richard Daneman
2019Michelle Mazei-Robison
2020Erin S. Calipari
2021Jill R. Turner
2022Brandon Henderson and Erica Levitt
2023Patrick A. Forcelli 

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