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Division for Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMDD)

The Drug Metabolism and Disposition Division (DMDD) serves members with interests in all aspects of drug disposition, metabolism and transport from the molecular through the phenotypic, from in vitro to in vivo approaches, and from model systems to expression of polymorphisms in humans. Specific areas include, but are not limited to, pharmacogenetics of xenobiotic metabolism and transport, regulation of the drug metabolizing and conjugating enzymes, drug transporters, pharmacokinetics, metabolite identification, role of drug metabolism, transport and disposition in drug discovery and development, structure-function relationships of relevant enzyme systems, free radicals and reactive intermediates, metabolic mechanisms of adverse drug responses, and studies focusing on all drug-metabolizing enzymes.


Division Goals

  • To serve members with interests in all aspects of metabolism enzymes.
  • To suggest programming in this field for the Experimental Biology Meetings.
  • To select the James R. Gillette Best Paper Awards from the ASPET Journal Drug Metabolism and Disposition, the B. B. Brodie Award in Drug Metabolism (presented in even numbered years), and the Early Career Achievement Award (presented in odd numbered years).


Division Hashtag

Posting on social media about the DMDD division? Use #ASPETDMDD.

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Last Updated: July 28, 2020

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