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EB 2013 Division for Neuropharmacology Best Abstract Competition

July 03, 2013

EB 2013 Division for Neuropharmacology Best Abstract Competition

Postdoctoral Winners

First place – Christopher Cottingham, University of Alabama-Birmingham, Cross-talk between beta and alpha2 adrenergic receptors in sympathetic neurons relies on protein kinase A and spinophilin 

Second place – Nicole Northrop, University of Toledo, Increased plasma ammonia concentration contributes to methamphetamine-induced blood-brain-barrier damage 

Third place – Harriet Schellekens, University College Cork, Dimerization of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) in appetite regulation and food reward

Graduate Student Winners

First place – Loc Thang, Michigan State University, Macrophage (Mf) depletion reduced vascular oxidative stress, restored alpha-2 adrenergic autoreceptor (a2AR) function and attenuated blood pressure development in deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA)-salt hypersensitive rats 

Second place – Edward Siuda, from Washington University in St. Louis, Optogenic and pharmacological activation of beta-adrenergic receptor signaling in the basolateral amygdala promotes anxiety and aversive behavior 

Third place (tie) – Erin Bobeck, Washington State University, Blockade of extracellular regulated kinase1/2 (ERK1/2) alters antinociception and tolerance to DAMGO, but not to fentanyl 

Third place (tie) – Brendan Harmon, Northeastern University, Intranasal delivery of pGDNF nanoparticles provides neuroprotection in the rat 6-hydroxydopamine model of Parkinson's disease 

Christopher Cottingham Loc Thang 

At left: Christopher Cottingham (first place, postdoctoral award)
Photo on right: Loc Thang (first place, graduate student award)


2013 NEU Best Abstract Winners 

Left to right: Dr. Nicole Northrop (second place, postdoctoral award), Brendan Harmon (third place, student), Dr. Harriett Schellenkens (third place, postdoctoral), Dr. Lynette Daws (Chair, Neuropharmacology Division), Edward Siuda (second place, student), Erin Bobeck (third place, student) and Dr. Eric Barker (Secretary/Treasurer, Neuropharmacology Division). All winners received a cash prize. First place winners for each category were honored with membership to the Division’s Executive Committee.


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