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October 12, 2016

The websites for DMD, JPET, Molecular Pharmacology, and Pharmacological Reviews have been redesigned. Each journal’s URL remains the same, but the new, cleaner design provides several additional features for readers:

  • The rotating image carousel on the homepage highlights recently published articles
  • The latest articles are listed on the homepage
  • Navigation through the site is easier with convenient drop down menus at the top and clear menus at the bottom of every page
  • Articles include tabs for Full Text, Figures & Data, and Information & Metrics
  • Each article’s Information & Metrics tab lists citations from Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, and Google to the article
  • Figures can be downloaded directly to PowerPoint
  • The sites use responsive design so they adjust automatically for optimal viewing on desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones

The sites continue to provide content alerts in various forms, article PDF and Data Supplement in one file, handy links to the manuscript submission websites and permissions request form, and links to share articles through social media. There are also links to each journal’s Facebook page and Twitter site.

ASPET membership includes access to the Society’s journals. Members only need to activate their subscription to take advantage of this benefit, and activation takes only a moment. All you need is your ASPET member number. Forgot your number? Just email

When you activate your subscription, you will be asked to create a user name and password. You can use your ASPET member user name and password so you have one user name/password combination for ASPET.

If you have already activated your subscription, you can change your user name and password to use the same user name and password for the journals and the members-only section of the ASPET website.

Take advantage of your member subscription so you can easily access ASPET’s journals anywhere on your desktop, tablet, and smart phone.

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