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Board of Publications Trustees Announces New Board Members

February 03, 2020

DMD BPT New Members
The Board of Publications Trustees has approved Dr. Brooke Rock, Dr. Huichang (Nancy) Bi, and Dr. José J.G. Marín to serve on the Drug Metabolism and Disposition Editorial Board.

Dr. Bi is professor and associate dean at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China. Her areas of research include metabolism-based regulation of xenobiotics (natural products) and endogenous molecules and their effects on diseases and clinical regimens. She also works on drug-disease interactions mediated by nuclear receptors, metabolizing enzymes, and transporters. Dr. Bi has reviewed for 14 journals and serves on the editorial board of 7 journals.

Dr. Marín is professor and department head of physiology and pharmacology at the University of Salamanca, Spain, positions he has held since 1998. He also holds the position of head of the Laboratory of Experimental Hepatology and Drug Targeting, a multi-site research program that investigates various aspects of liver function and pharmacology. He has published over 270 articles in books and journals and brings extensive editorial board experience to DMD. Dr. Marín has been an ASPET member since 2003.

Dr. Rock is director in the Department of Pharmacokinetics, Drug Metabolism, and Translational Medicine at Amgen. She manages over 30 scientists in preclinical work for novel therapeutics, including fusion proteins, RNAi, monoclonal antibodies, and bispecific antibodies. Dr. Rock has been an ASPET member since 2005 and served as a co-guest editor for the DMD October 2019 special section on pharmacokinetic and drug metabolism properties on novel therapeutics modalities.

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