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Committee on Mentoring and Career Development

The mission of the Committee on Mentoring and Career Development is to provide mentoring and career development sessions and services to ASPET members, especially the young scientists.


  • Organize and execute the Graduate Student/Postdoc Colloquium on career development topics at the annual meeting;
  • Establish and maintain a mentoring program for ASPET’s young scientists;
  • Plan and participate in the Diversity Mentoring Breakfast at the EB meeting;
  • Oversee judging for  the minority graduate student posters at EB for the Dolores Shockley Award;
  • Nominate women and minorities for major ASPET and FASEB awards;
  • Organize the WIP Networking Walk at EB; and
  • Plan other career development and mentoring activities at the annual meeting as appropriate.


Susan L. Ingram, Chair (06/30/2016)
Lawrence P. Carter (06/30/2017)
Martha I. Davila-Garcia (06/30/18)
Margarita L. Dubocovich (06/30/2017)
Helmut Gottlieb (06/30/2016)
Ann T. Hanna-Mitchell (06/30/2016)
David Jewett (06/30/2018)
Dominique Z. Jones (06/30/2016)
Eileen J. Kennedy (06/30/2016)
Dennis Paul (06/30/2018)
Katherine M. Serafine (06/30/2018)
Myron L. Toews (06/30/2016)
Lynne Wecker (06/30/2017)
Girish R. Chopda, Student Representative (06/30/2016)
Ashley N. Guillory, Postdoctoral Representative (06/30/2017)
Uyen B. Chu, Postdoctoral Representative (06/30/2016)
Judith Siuciak, Staff Liaison
Catherine Fry, Staff Liaison

Graduate Student Colloquia

2010 - Leadership:  Skills, Styles and Self-awareness
Chair:  Sue Bausch and Meera Sridharan

2009 - Mentoring:  It Goes Both Ways
  Chair:  Sarah H. Lindsey 

2008 - Learning from the Past -  Training for the Future
  Chairs:  Lynn Crespo and Tarik Smith

2007 - PharmaPhair:  A Career Fair
  Chair:  Stephanie Watts 

2006 - Pointers for Getting Your Point Across
  Chairs:  Edward Bilsky and Myron Toews  

2005 - Drug Development at the Edge:  What Every Pharmacologist Should Know About Intellectural Property, Licensing, Startups and Venture Capital
Chair:  Edward Bilsky 

2004 - Preserving and Promoting Our Discipline:  A Workshop Emphasizing Pharmacology Student Participation
Chairs:  Myron Toews and Stephanie Watt 

2003 - Practical Tips for Success in Graduate Pharmacology Program and Beyond
Chair:  Richard de la Garza 

2002 - Taking the Next Step:  Finding a Postdoctoral Position in Today's Diverse Workplace
Chair:  Stephanie Watts 

2001 - New Era in Academic and Industrial Partnership in Basic and Applied Research and Funding the Modern Laboratory
Chair:  Jerry Buccafusco 

2000 - The Savvy Postdoctoral Fellow:  Training, Networking and Opportunities in the International Community
Chair:  Jerry Buccafusco 

1999 - Career Opportunities for Pharmacologists and Other Biological Scientists in Major Government Agencies
Chairs:  George Stancel and Jerry Buccafusco  

Last updated: July 29, 2015

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