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ASPET Leads Advocacy Efforts in Urging Congress to Pass Omnibus Spending Bill in Lame Duck Session

November 10, 2016

ASPET President David Sibley sent a letter this week on behalf of ASPET membership  thanking Congress for their efforts in championing sustained, real growth in medical research funding, and to urge passage of appropriations legislation following the November 8 election.  The letter asserts that current short-term Continuing Resolution providing temporary funding for government programs is of great concern. 

For the NIH, the continued breakdown of regular order of this year’s appropriations process disrupts NIH’s ability to meet funding obligations to the institutions and biomedical research scientists the agency funds.   The possibility of an extension of the CR, or a year-long CR would further compromise NIH’s ability to meet its current obligations and research opportunities.  A further diminishment of NIH’s purchasing power that we have seen for several years will impact human health and hurt the agency’s ability to address emerging health threats.  Furthermore, failing to meet scientific opportunities and needs of the NIH will mean continued hardship for many academic health centers and universities conducting important biomedical research.  The diminishment of our nation’s investment in biomedical research has already influenced the career decisions of the next generation of scientists who see no future in pursuing research in biomedicine as a realistic career path.”    

Read the full letter (PDF).

Last updated: November 10, 2016 

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