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FBR National Campaign to Educate Public on Importance of Animal Models in Medical Research

August 06, 2009

The Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) is launching a national campaign to educate the public on the importance of animal models to medical research. Beginning August 20, 2009 FBR will launch a one-year direct-to-consumer messaging campaign targeted at women in the 25-49 age demographic.  Public support for animal research has declined by 10-points in four years and the goal is to reverse that decline and increase public support for basic science and all biomedical research using animal models.  The national campaign will end on August 20, 2010.

A leading national polling company is conducting monthly tracking polls to determine if the decline in support of animal models in medical research can be reversed.   Approximately 80% of the national campaign’s budget will be allocated to television advertising. FBR will also run targeted billboards early in the campaign (first 90 days) and at the end of the campaign (last 60 days).  FBR’s daily radio program, called “The Animal Research Minute,” currently airs on approximately 5,400 radio stations across the country; FBR introduced the magazine - ResearchSaves™ - during the market test and they intend to produce a few more issues during the course of the campaign.  Also considered are national newspaper advertising such as Parade Magazine and a full social marketing campaign that will hopefully go viral.  FBR also hopes to launch a new middle school curriculum recently developed that has been instructionally designed and includes videos, lesson plans, homework, surveys and a teacher’s guide.  It will be available free of charge as an Internet download to school teachers across America

FBR has approved significant funds for this worthwhile campaign.  They are seeking individual support from research scientists so that they can increase outreach messaging and hope that their partners will allocate a larger portion of their FY 2010 donations toward this campaign so that we can increase the outreach messaging.  You can do that now with your credit card or through PayPal at:  FBR hopes every researcher can contribute at least $20.10. 

Additionally, FBR is also looking for:

1) Male researchers working on prostate cancer or cardiovascular research – and who they themselves have had prostate cancer or a cardiovascular event – and are willing to go on camera and make a 60-second commercial for the campaign.  Your full name will NOT be disclosed.  Your employer will NOT be disclosed.  Your identity will be protected.  FBR needs to also present male researchers and male issues even though the campaign is targeting women.  If you can refer such a researcher to FBR please have them contact FBR’s Director of Media, Liz Hodge at

2)  Magazine articles.  The ResearchSaves magazine uses previously published articles exclusively.  FBR needs articles that are written for a non-research audience and include photographs.  No white papers or technical articles. The magazines are distributed to physician and hospital waiting rooms and are designed to look like PEOPLE or US and other consumer magazines.  These articles are not edited and are published as-is with your bylines and institutional credits.  Again, please contact Liz Hodge if you have articles you’d like FBR to consider for the next issue.

Visit for additional information.  While FBR has taken the lead on this important campaign, they have been working many other related organizations,  non-profits, associations, academia, industry and government. 


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