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Humanized in vitro and in vivo Models in Drug Discovery and Development

Sunday April 22, 2018

9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Room 15B
Sponsored by the Division for Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMDD)
Co-sponsored by the Division for Cardiovascular Pharmacology (CVP)
Co-sponsored by the Division for Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)
Co-sponsored by Division for Toxicology (TOX)

Chair :

Aarti Sawant-Basak
Pfizer Inc.

Xinxin Ding
University of Arizona

Increasingly sophisticated, powerful in vitro and in vivo models are being developed for drug discovery and development, which are complex to understand or master for the average users. Thus, the objective of this symposium is to bring experts on the generation and utility of such in vitro and in vivo models together to present the latest developments, discuss potential pitfalls and challenges, and showcase successful applications of the models in drug discovery and development research, driving appreciation for novel approaches and perhaps new collaborations.

Capturing Liver Function In Vitro: Micro-engineered Biomimetic Liver Platforms for Drug Metabolism and Inter-organ Interactions
Shyam Sundhar Bale - Draper Laboratories

Quantitative DMPK Applications of Microphysiological Systems
Murat Cirit - MIT – Translational Center of Tissue Chip Technologies

Human Liver Chimeric Mice to Predict Human Drug Metabolism and Toxicity: The Chances and Challenges
Karl-Dimiter Bissig - Baylor College of Medicine

Glucuronidation in Humanized and Conditional Knockout Animal Models
Shujuan Chen - University of California, San Diego

Industrial Perspectives of Microphysiological Systems in Drug Discovery and Development
Piyush Bajaj - Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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