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Invited Program


We are looking forward to an exciting program highlighting the highest quality, innovative science in pharmacology and experimental therapeutics.  Below is a preview of the invited program.

ASPET “Guppy Tank” Translational Science Pitch Showcase
Chairs: Ryan Staudt and Harshini Neelakantan

Experimental Approaches for the Treatment of Infectious Disease
Chairs: Ross Corriden and Ericka Anderson

Heavy Traffic: Targeting Diseases through Chemokine Receptor Antagonism
Chairs: Stephanie Davis and Sudarshan Rajagopal

Intracellular GPCR signaling: Cell Biology, Pharmacology and Physiology
Chairs: Nikoleta Tsvetanova and Adriano Marchese

Development of Cannabinoids for Clinical Use - CNS Hazards and Therapeutic Effects
Chairs: Marcus Delatte and Ziva Cooper

46 Years of GPCR Pharmacology and Mentoring in the Field of Pain Research
Chairs: Janet Clark and Kelly Standifer

Cardiometabolic Diseases: At the Crossroads of Adipose Tissue and the Heart
Chairs: Michael Tranter and Amreen Mughal

G Protein Signaling in Regulation of Metabolism and Diabetes
Chairs: Sheila Collins and Vladlen Slepak

Novel and Integrated Intestine-liver Crosstalk on Hepatic Xenobiotic Metabolism
Chairs: Grace Guo and Hongbing Wang

Recent Progress in Drugging the ‘Undruggable’ RAS Oncogene
Chairs: Christine Canman and Kirsten Bryant

The Use of Chemogenetic Tools to Analyze Behavior in Non-human Primates
Chairs: Kathleen Grant and Verginia Cuzon Carlson

Cancer Systems Pharmacology
Chairs: James Costello and Laura Heiser

Cross Talk in Metabolism of Xenobiotics and Endogenous Substrates
Chairs: Amit Pandey and Xinxin Ding

Utilizing Educational Tools to Enhance Student Learning in the Health Sciences
Chairs: Katharina Brandl and Gagani Athauda

Developing Scientists into Best Practice Educators
Chair: Nicole Kwiek 

Teaching Blitz
Chair: Mark Hernandez 

NIH Funding and Other Translational Research Opportunities
Chairs: Rebecca Roof and Sailaja Koduri

Updating the Opioid Crisis: Novel Approaches to Reducing Opioid Abuse and Overdose
Chairs: Greg Collins and Sarah Withey

ASPET Presidential Symposium
Chair: Charles France

Julius Axelrod Award Symposium
Chair: P. Jeffrey Conn

Cardiac Leukocytes: A Therapeutic Quandary
Chairs: Douglas Tilley and Taben Hale

BPS-ASPET Symp.: A Current Perspective of Sphingolipid Signalling as a Therapeutic Target
Chairs: Kenneth Watterson and Simon Kennedy

Gut Microbiota in Drug Efficacy and Toxicity
Chairs: Hyunyoung Jeong and Peter Turnbaugh

Multiple Choice Questions and Open-Ended Questions – How to Assess Pharmacology Knowledge
Chairs: Naunihal Zaveri and Marieke Kruidering-Hall

Pharmacology Education: Addressing the Opioid and Substance Abuse Crisis
Chairs: Laurel Gorman and Jayne Reuben

Protein Kinases in Tune
Chair: Alexandra Newton 

ADME in Neonates and Infants: Therapeutics, Toxicity, and Development of New Drugs
Chairs: Pieter Annaert and Xiao-bo Zhong

Behavioral Pharmacology of Biased Agonists
Chair: Williams Fantegrossi 

Challenges of Academic Drug Discovery in Cancer
Chairs: Markos Leggas and Michelle Arkin

Immune Mechanisms in Pathologic Responses to Particles, Nanomaterials, and Nanomedicines
Chairs: Qiang Ma and K. Michael Pollard

Journals Workshop: An Interactive Guide to Publishing, Reviewing, and Ethics Issues
Chairs: Richard Dodenhoff and Emily Scott

New Tools in ADME Prediction: Quantitative Omics, Liquid Biopsies and Modeling
Chairs: Bhagwat Prasad and Andrew Rowland

Mitochondrial Pathologies and Therapeutic Development – A Tribute to Craig C. Beeson
Chairs: Rick Schnellmann and John Lemasters

Student – Postdoctoral Colloquium
Hosted by the ASPET Mentoring and Career Development Committee

Julius Axelrod Award in Pharmacology Lecture
2020 Awardee: P. Jeffrey Conn

David Lehr Award Lecture
2019 Awardee:  Kathryn Meier

Norman Weiner Award Lecture
Awardee to be announced soon

Ray Fuller Award Lecture
Awardee to be announced soon

John J. Abel Award in Pharmacology Lecture
2021 Awardee to be announced in January

Reynold Spector Award in Clinical Pharmacology and Translational Medicine Lecture
2021 Awardee to be announced in January

Last Updated: September 29, 2020
Key Dates
April 27 – 30, 2021

ASPET Annual Meeting at EB 2020

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